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This page contains names of manuscript collections with brief descriptions of them. Highlighted collection names link to finding aids in PDF format that offer more detailed descriptions of the collections. The highlighted collections do not represent all available finding aids at the W.S. Hoole Library. We will add more to the list as we convert our paper finding aids to electronic aids for web presentation.

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Vera G. Adams Postcard, 1930 August 18, 1 postcard
A postcard to Vera from a friend or relative, who is traveling to Mississippi. The postcard has a picture of Murray State Teachers College on it.

"Amish Folks at Lancaster" Postcard , circa 1900 , 0.1 linear feet
This colorized photographic postcard shows an image of a downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania, intersection with men, women, and children in traditional Amish garb. The postcard was never used.

Pauline Aars Letter , 1952 July 23 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Pauline Aars of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles to Phyllis Bergagna of Freeport, Illinois about the launch and landing of Apollo 11 on the moon.

Edwin H. Abbott papers , circa 1873-1883 , .25 linear feet
Files relating to the "Alabama Claims" handled by this Boston attorney concerning damage inflicted by the Confederate commerce raider C.S.S. Shenandoah during the final months of the Civil War.

James Abercrombie Letter, 1849 October 8, 1 letter, 1 page
Letter of recommendation written on March 8, 1849 by James Abercrombie, then serving as Senator in the Alabama Senate, to the Honorable William B Preston, Secretary of the Navy under President Zachary Taylor.

Lecture notes on John W. Abercrombie , unknown , 0.1 linear feet
Notes for a class lecture on Abercrombie, president of the University of Alabama. Includes information on the construction of University buildings during his tenure, as well as his conflicts with former acting president and Latin professor William S. Wyman.

Macon Abernathy papers , 1861-1878 ,
This collection consists Abernathy family correspondence discussing the outbreak of the Civil War and the return of Macon, a University of Alabama student, to his hometown of Jacksonville, Alabama, to enlist in a local company. Also contains an 1878 obituary of Macon's father, Major Miles W. Abernathy.

Thomas P. Abernethy manuscript, circa 1965, 0.4 linear foot
Two galleys with corrections and one type-written manuscript of Abernethy's study, "The Formative Period in Alabama," subsequently published as part of the historical series of the Alabama Department of Archives and History. It is a social and political history and originated as Abernethy's doctoral thesis at Harvard University.

William P. Abrams diaries , 1839-1848 , 0.1
Diaries of travels from New Hampshire to Alabama; to Havana, Cuba; and to the midwestern United States. The majority of entries were written in Gainesville, Alabama.

Jacob Ackerly Letter , 1839 , 0.1 linear feet
Letter from clerk discussing his travels and the city climate, population, agriculture, and business, including Cincinnati's trade of pork, flour, and whiskey. Letter compares it to labor and goods of the South.

"Adam and Eve and that Apple", circa 1890, 1 page, front and back
This collection contains a poem by an unknown author with a pun on the word "ate" using the number "8" to explain how many apples were eaten by Adam and Eve.

Adams family papers , 1849-1926 , 33 items (photocopies)
This collection consists principally of correspondence among members of the Adams family, the majority of which concerns the Confederate service of a son, who wrote many letters detailing army life and conditions. It also contains papers related to Homer and John Adams, prisoners of war who died before returning home, and an Adams family history by Irving Adams, dated December 18, 1948.

Charles E. Adams Papers , 1892 , 0.1 linear feet
Materials on the Jewish synagogue in West Blocton, Alabama, and a copy of his paper, "The 'Ah Goodies Ah Chem' Jewish Congregation of West Blocton, Alabama, 1905-1913."

Charles J. Adams Letter , 1849 April 18 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Charles J. Adams of Bridgewater, New York, to Dennis Pritchard of Wolcott, Connecticut, about his uncle who was recently married.

John H. Adams papers , 1889-1943 , 1.2 linear feet
The correspondence of a Birmingham, Alabama, mining engineer, businessman, poet, and public servant. The collection also includes a small group of papers of Adams' son, John R. Adams, an attorney and realtor.

Olivia Adams Letter, 1842, 1 letter
Handwritten letter from the daughter or son of Olivia Adams to Olivia Adams of Dayton, Ohio. He or she writes that his family is well, but he has become very ill with pain all over his body. He is beginning to recover.

Oscar W. Adams papers , 1909-1952 , 3.6 linear feet
Correspondence of this Birmingham, Alabama, minister of the A.M.E. Zion Church, principally concerning the struggle to remain solvent during the Great Depression. Also includes budget sheets, receipts, reports, and legal documents for this and other A.M.E churches throughout the South.

Roland Lee Adams papers , 1891- circa 1919 , 14 items
This collection includes documents related to the army service of this York, Alabama, native, an essay, "When Dreams Come True," a biographical sketch, and three miscellaneous letters.

W.S. Adkins bill of sale , 1860 February 16 , 0.1 linear feet
Bill of sale and warrantee for a slave named Zeke, sold by W. S. Adkins of Lowndes County, Alabama, for $1600. The buyer's name is illegible.

Agnes Postcards , 1954 June 28 , 2 postcards
Two postcards from Agnes, on vacation with her husband Chris in Los Angeles, California, to friends in Des Moines and Atlantic, Iowa. She gave updates on their trip and their plans for returning home to Iowa.

David Aiken Photographs, , 5 photographs
Copy prints of portraits of Gayle family members; one of Thomas L. Bayne (husband of Maria Gayle Bayne; one of Maria Gayle Bayne (Amelia Gayle sister); two unidentified women; Gayle home in Greensboro, Alabama.

Mary Carlyle Aitken letter, 1873 November 5, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 5 November 1873 to an unidentified recipient from Thomas Carlyle's daughter, Mary Aitken, concerning an error in Carlyle's Sartor Resartus.

Letter from Al to Henry , 1923 December 25 , one letter
Al, of St. Paul, Minnesota, wrote a letter to Henry and his family wishing them a Happy New Year and discussing family members and work.

Al to Queen Ellen Letter , 1939 May 28 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains a letter written from the Hotel Del Prado, most likely in Mexico City, Mexico, and provides news of daily life, information about the oil business, and observations relating to the native peoples of the area

Alabama Air National Guard letter of authorization , 1963 April 30 , 1 folder (photocopies)
A photocopy of a memorandum to the commander to the 117th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing of the Alabama National Guard, authorizing transport of non-military personnel, including Governor George C. Wallace, from Montgomery to Tuscaloosa and back on April 30, 1963. Includes signatures of passengers on a waiver form.

Alabama Alumni Association, Cornerstone Committee , 1888-1987 , 0.4 linear foot
This collection includes a committee report; a list of donors to the Crimson Pride membership drive, 1986-1987; histories of the national alumni association and local chapters; information on the rededication of Denny Chimes in 1987; newspaper clippings about coaches Ray Perkins and Paul "Bear" Bryant; and other information on the history and alumni of the University of Alabama.

Alabama Art League bulletins and exhibition announcements , 1940-1943 , 18 items
Contains 18 bulletins and exhibition announcements of this state-wide artists' organization

Alabama Association for Young Children records, 1959-1987, 2 linear feet
A collection containing meeting minutes, correspondence, the organization's constitution and by-laws, photographs, and other materials.

Alabama Association for Young Children records , 1959-1987 , 2 linear feet
A collection containing meeting minutes, correspondence, the organization's constitution and by-laws, photographs, and other materials.

Alabama Association of Historians records , 1993-2009 , 0.2 Linear feet (photocopies)
Variety of records of the Alabama Association of Historians from 1993-2009

Alabama Circuit Court, 17th District, records , 1820-1870 , .4 linear feet
A collection of court records from the Alabama Circuit Court's 17th District, including minutes and trial, appearance, and subpoena dockets, 1820-70.

Alabama Circuit Court, 23rd District, records , 1809-1926 , 26 linear feet
Primarily records of suits for debt, arranged chronologically, by circuit court and county court, including judge's dockets.

Letter from the General Counsel for the Alabama Conservative Party , 1966 , 0.1 linear feet
Photocopy of an open letter from the General Counsel for the Alabama Conservative Party denouncing a symposium of "conservative" steps being presented to the Young Republican National Federation Executive Committee, on February 5, 1966.

Alabama County Boundary Alterations abstract, 1808-1860, .4 linear feet
Notebook containing abstracts of those acts of the territorial and state legislatures those set or changed boundaries of Alabama counties prior to the Civil War.

Alabama Democratic Party, 1860 Delegation Minutes , 1860 , 1 linear foot (1 ledger, 16 leaves)
Minutes and roll of Alabama's delegation, who were "accredited to the Baltimore and Richmond Democratic convention" in Richmond, Virginia, in 1860.

History of the Alabama Democratic Party Collection , 1896-1946 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters, poll lists, and ephemera relating to the Democratic Party of Alabama.

Alabama Election Ephemera , 1916-1930 , 0.1 linear feet
Several articles and flyers about Alabama elections from the early 20th century.

"Alabama Food Ways" , 1960 , 1 item, 12 pages
A typescript copy of an address delivered by Sallie Hill at the April 20, 1960, meeting of the Alabama Historical Association. The address, "Alabama Food Ways," describes traditional southern food and food history.

Alabama Fuel and Iron Company records , 1917-1953 , 1.4 linear feet
The business records of a firm with extensive mine holdings in Alabama, including minutes of stockholders meetings, 1917-1953, minutes of the board of directors, 1927-1953, and miscellaneous material.

Alabama Gerontological Society papers, 1982-, 1.25 linear feet
A collection of materials relating to this organization, including bylaws, correspondence, plans for annual meetings, minutes, paper presentation proposals, workshop information, and financial records. It also contains a small amount of material on the Southern Gerontological Society.

Alabama historical documents collection , 1826-1866 , 0.1 linear feet
Miscellaneous deeds, certificates, bills of sale, legal suits, court orders, and bonds pertaining to various regions or persons in Alabama. Includes a copy of the post-Civil War loyalty oath.

Alabama Homes Photographs, , 219 photographs
Color photographs of numerous Alabama homes.

Alabama Industrial and Scientific Society records , 1890-1900 , 0.5 linear feet
Materials relating to the organization, including: meeting minutes, account books, lists of members and officers, and other items.

Alabama Legislature petition , 1849 , 0.1 linear feet
An 1849 petition by several Alabama legislators to Governor Reuben Chapman urging him to veto the act chartering the Central Plank Road, and a typed transcript listing the names of signers and counties that they represented.

Alabama Library Association records, 1904-2005, 180+ linear feet
Meeting minutes, correspondence and records of officers and chairs of committees and roundtables, material relating to annual meetings, and other documents.

Alabama Manufacturing Association records , 1953-1979 , 1 linear foot
Includes membership information, correspondence to members, newsletters, data on industrial growth, and civic booster brochures from various Alabama cities.

Alabama Marble Quarries prospectus/stock subscription form , circa 1910 , 0.1 linear feet
A prospectus describing the marble quarried by the firm in Talladega County, Alabama, and the demand for it. At the bottom of the second page is a stock subscription form.

Alabama Nurses Association records, 1913-1977, 3 linear feet (includes 5 scrapbooks)
This collection includes meeting minutes, 1913-1940, copies of the organization's newsletter, 1958-1972, miscellaneous newspaper and magazine articles, photographs, and correspondence, a few rosters, and papers relating to admitting African-Americans to the association, 1949-1950.

Alabama Online Users Group Bylaws and Newsletters , 1983-1987 , 0.05 linear feet
Bylaws and newsletters of this statewide technology driven support group of the 1980s.

Alabama political figures collection , unknown , 0.2 linear feet
Letters and documents signed by various Alabama political figures, including William Brockman Bankhead, Ruben Chapman, Clement Comer Clay, and Henry Watkins Collier.

Alabama postcards , 1918-1970s , 0.05 linear feet
Postcards showing a variety of places in Alabama, including Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, and Montgomery.

Alabama Power Company Coal Mines , 1941-1968 , 0.4 linear feet
Variety of reports from Alabama Power Company's Gorgas, Marvel, Blocton, and Cahaba coal mines in the mid-19th century.

Alabama Review editorial records , 1976-1987 , 7 linear feet
Miscellaneous correspondence, as well as copies of submitted articles (published and unpublished), of this peer-reviewed academic journal that presents the best of scholarship on the history of the state.

Alabama Scenes , 1900 , 0.1 linear feet
These black-and-white photo-lithographs show residences, public buildings and scenic views from around Alabama.

Alabama State Department of Health, Division of Public Health Education, radio broadcast scripts , 1954-1956 , .6 linear feet
Radio scripts from the Alabama State Department of Health, Division of Public Health Education

Alabama State Fair bag , 1938 , 0.06 linear feet
Paper bag made to promote the University of Alabama School of Chemistry exhibit at the Alabama State Fair in Birmingham, Alabama, September 26 - October 1, 1938.

Alabama Vertical Files , circa 1859-2011 , 20 linear feet
This collection contains materials, both published and unpublished, that document the history of the state of Alabama. Materials include items such as reprints, pamphlets, typescripts, and photocopies of documents relating to individuals, organizations, cities, and a large number of other topics.

"Alabama Warriors" speech text , 1933 , 0.05 linear feet
Text of a speech written by G.L.M. describing the contribution of Emma Samson, Joseph Wheeler, Raphael Semmes, and John Pelham to Alabama history, and read at the 2 February 1933 meeting of the Canebreak Rifle Guard Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Alabama Writers , 1923-1995 , 8 linear feet (includes photographs)
Signed copies of seven Alabama authors' and poets' published works, two volumes of the Alabama Poet Society’s journal "The Sampler," and framed photographs of conclave presidents from 1923 to 1961.

Albany-Decatur, Alabama, concert band checkbook, 1923, 0.02 linear feet
Checkbook and cancelled checks for the Albany-Decatur concert band, Arthur F. Dix, treasurer, as well as some hand-written notes referring to pages in an unidentified book or publication dealing with the "Soviet problem."

Letter from Albert to Miss Gill , 1894 May 31 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written in 1894 by Albert to Miss Gill, his "sweetheart" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

James Richard Albin journal , 1949-1959 , 0.2 linear feet
Journal with daily entries from January 1, 1949, through April 2, 1954, kept by James R . Albin, describing his various activities, both at work and at home, and the various trips he and his family take.

Album of quotations , [187?]-1881 , 0.1 linear feet
Album containing handwritten quotations from the Bible, classical authors, and sources, as well as two handwritten copies of notices from the "Times" and "Tuscaloosa Gazette" (1881).

Lamar Aldridge papers , 1917-1919 , 1.5 inches
Letters home written while Aldridge was in training in Georgia and then serving in France during World War I.

Lawrence S. Alexander archaeological surveys , 1979 , 0.1 linear feet
Surveys made by Alexander when he was an employee of the Office of Archaeological Research at the University of Alabama, on lands in Jefferson, Jackson, and Geneva Counties

W. T. Alexander genealogical papers , 1817-1930 , 0.1 linear feet (1 item, 63 pieces)
Biographies of William Simeral Alexander of North Carolina (1817-1898) and his descendants, with reference to his predecessors to 1716, compiled in 1930 by W. T. Alexander.

Muhammed Ali Boxing gloves , 2005 , 1.0 linear feet
Laceless, 14 ounce, boxing gloves inscribed by Muhammed Ali in 2005. These gloves were never worn in any of Ali's boxing matches.

Alison family papers, , 4 linear feet
Genealogical information, including typewritten booklets on various families. Individual folders are labeled with family names. The collection includes correspondence, photocopies, and photographs.

M.E. Allan letter , 1855 September 30 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter dated 30 September 1855, to "Dear Cousin," from Bald Hill, Georgia, discussing family news, crops, children, and illnesses and deaths among family and slaves.

W. H. Allard Letter , 1859 February 14 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from W.H. Allard to his brother concerning the sale and value of marble.

Allen and Jemison Hardware Company Ledgers , 1929 October - 1962 September , 2 linear feet
Two business ledgers of the Allen and Jemison Hardware Company of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Allen Family papers , 1848-1906 , 1.9 linear feet
The business and personal papers of John G. Allen (1810- 1891) and his son Charles Edward (1860-1943), planters of Marengo County, Alabama, including Civil War letters, tenant farmer contracts, mortgages and indentures, bills and receipts, personal letters, insurance policies, and miscellaneous items relating to the family.

Allen Family papers, II, 1833-1944, 2604 items
More business and personal papers of John G. Allen (1810- 1891) and his son Charles Edward (1860-1943), planters of Marengo County, Alabama. The collection contains a variety of materials, including family letters, tenant farmer contracts, mortgages and indentures, bills and receipts, insurance policies, and other items.

George Allen letter, March 1838, 1 letter
One letter from George Allen addressed to Silas Pansons concerning an attack on Nathaniel Steele.

Jay E. Allen Letters , 1917-1919 , 0.1 linear feet
Twelve letters from Jay E. Allen of Co. D, 1st Ammunition Train, 4th Motor Battalion of the American Expeditionary Forces, written between November 1917 to January 1919, to his sister, Lucy (Mrs. John) Davis of Lansing, Michigan.

Katherene Peirce Allen Letter , 1895 March 22 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Katherene Peirce Allen of Jamaica, written 22 March 1895 to her granddaughter, Minnie, with news from family and friends at home.

Mary Allen receipt, 1853 January 3, 1 receipt
One receipt from Mary Allen, acknowledging full payment from William Allen for the work done by her slave Bill

Wyndham G. Allen Letters , 1941-1942 , 11 letters, 7 envelopes
This collection consists of eleven letters from Wyndham G. Allen, United States Army, during World War Two, to his sister, Francesca Allen, Louisville, Kentucky. The dates of these letters range from June 15, 1941 to April 16, 1943. He writes about his daily activities, getting a furlough, being in Africa, and missing his family.

C.T. Alleyns Letter , 1871 , 0.1 linear feet
C.T. Alleyns writes from Teignmouth, Devon, England, to an aunt in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with mention of tourist activities, unrest in the Indian Colonies and political reforms.

Letter from Allie to E.W. Stammard , 1885 September 27 , 1 letter
Allie of Greenbush, Wisconsin, writes to her mother in Litchfield, Michigan, about her housekeeping chores and social happenings in the town of Greenbush.

Letter from Allie to Eugenie Starbuck , 1892 November 9 , 1 letter
Allie of Brunswick, Ohio, writes to friend Eugenie Starbuck of Ada, Ohio, about a bridge collapse on the Cumberland River near the Cumberland Gap. The letter details the accident and memorial arrangements for Allie's father, who died in the accident.

Jonathon A. B. Allison letter , 1862 March 6 , 0.05 linear feet
A letter dated 6 March 1862, from "Camp Alabama, near Dumfries, Virginia," to "Dear Uncle," with news of friends and the war.

Hi Allman letter, 1955 August 22, 1 letter
Letter from Hi Allman, Assistant Navigator on the cruiser USS Bremerton, dated 22 August 1955, to a friend named Johnny, describing the vessel's cruise from Long Beach to Okinawa.

Alfred Francis Alois papers , 1943-2013 , 2 linear feet
Memorabilia of a 1944 graduate of the University of Alabama, highlighting his athletic activities, A Club, Army ROTC, and Phi Sigma Kappa, as well as family photographs, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.

Alpha Beta Alpha Photographs, April 26, 1968, 6 photographs
One color and five black and white photographs of Alpha Beta Alpha Convention at Illinois State University, showing Miss Jean Nelson (Instructor ISU), Miss Welch (Librarian ISU), Maureen Bray (Illinois State), Hilda Weeks (MSCW), Linda Pinder (West UA), Mary Kate Meredith (University of Alabama), Suellen Reed (University of Alabama), Dona Wrench, and two shots of Illinois State University.

Alpha Epsilon Delta records , 1926-1951 , 0.85 linear feet
The Alpha Epsilon Delta collection consists of the rules, rituals, petitions, reports, and memorabilia of the University of Alabama's charter chapter of this medical honors society.

Alston, Finlay and Company Letter , 1827 , 0.1 linear feet
Alston, Finlay and Co. in Liverpoorl, England, writes to Mazyck and Bell in Charleston, South Carolina, about cotton and tobacco sales in England. The letter is written on their prices current sheet.

Alston, Finlay, and Company , 1827 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from an unidentified employee of Alston, Finlay, and Company in Liverpool, England, to Mazyck and Bell in Charleston, South Carolina, about cotton and tobacco sales in England. The letter is written on the company's current prices list.

Altrusa Club, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, charter , 1966 March 4 , 0.05 linear feet
Charter of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, branch of this international service organization

Letter to Edward B. Ambler , 1886 August 2 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter to Edward B. Ambler of Cool Spring, Virginia, from his cousin, G. D. H. of Richmond, Virginia, describing an ancestor's experience in 1750s Williamsburg and Philadelphia.

American Association of Geographers, Southeastern Division records , 1957-1961 , 0.4 linear feet
A collection of annual conference programs, membership information, lists of officer and members, and paper proposals submitted for the annual conferences. Access to the collection is restricted; please contact Hoole staff for additional information.

American Association of University Professors, University of Alabama Chapter records , 1949-1975 , 4 linear feet
A collection of meeting minutes, committee reports, correspondence, membership information, constitutions, and other material.

American Association of University Women, Tuscaloosa Branch records , 1928-2002 , 46.25 linear feet
Includes the Tuscaloosa branch secretary’s notebooks, which contain the association's official correspondence, meeting minutes, by-laws, and other records that vary by year. Also includes the executive board files and scrapbooks

American Bicentennial Theater invitation and ticket, 1975 June 23, 1 invitation and accompanying banquet ticket
Invitation from George Wallace and others to attend an American Bicentennial Theater performance and celebration supper, Birmingham, Alabama, 23 June 1975.

American Civil War Era Gunpowder Pouch , circa 1865 , 0.4 linear feet
American Civil War era gunpowder pouch found in Kentucky.

American railroad station plans , 1881-1942 , 10 linear feet
Over 140 original plans of train stations from the late nineteen and early twentieth centuries, primarily on the Louisville and Nashville railroad. Most are in ink on waxed architect's paper and are variously sized.

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission papers , 1974-1976 , 3 linear feet
Materials related to Bicentennial celebrations throughout America and pamphlets concerning the American Revolution.

American Wildlife Institute radio scripts , 1937-1938 , 18 scripts
These radio broadcast scripts sponsored by the American Wildlife Institute consist of a series of talks on wildlife conservation in America, 1937-38.

Joseph Sweetman Ames physics lectures , 1898-1899 , 0.1 linear feet
Physics lectures in form of mimeographed, bound textbook delivered in 1898-1899 to the second year students of Johns Hopkins University by Joseph S. Ames, professor of physics. Book belonged to H. A. Sayre.

Dora Anderson Letters , 1899-1900 , 0.1 linear feet, 5 letters
Letters from several friends to Dora Anderson, all of Union, Indiana. Discusses friends, romantic prospects, and various aspects of social life.

A. L. Anderson letter, 1859 November 19, 1 letter
A letter dated 19 November 1859, to his sister in the north while he was building the new Alabama Insane Hospital (Bryce Hospital) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In it Anderson expresses regrets at his inability to provide her with financial assistance and his hopes that he can stay in the South, where his prospects have improved.

Dr. [James] Anderson, May 11, 1931, 7 photographs
Black and white photographs of University of Alabama Centennial Pageant in Denny Stadium.

Edward Maffitt Anderson Photographs, 1864, 1 album (47 photographs)
Carte de visite album presented to Edward Maffitt Anderson, midshipman on board the C.S.S. Alabama, by friends in Liverpool, England, in 1864. Contains images of Alabama crew members, most identified. It contains five photographs of Edward Maffitt Anderson (two of him standing, one of him sitting, one portrait, and one of him with two officers).

James Austin Anderson papers , 1898-1941 , 2 linear feet
A collection of copies of newspaper clippings and information about Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and its people.

Marian Anderson Collection , 1939-2000 , 0.1 linear feet
Autographed concert program, newspaper articles and a copy of the Ebony magazine featuring Marian Anderson.

Mercy A. Anderson Letters , 1869 February 21 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter to Mercy A. Anderson, a student at Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary in South Hadley, Massachusetts, from her mother and a note from her sister describing home and wishing her well with her studies.

Andrews Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church South minute books , 1913-1990 , 0.2 linear feet
This collection consists of a photocopy of a church record book, which contains a register of pastors (1913-1987), marriages (1889-1936), infant baptisms (1924-1988), and members.

Al Andrews Amateur Journalism Collection , 1961-[2009] , 35 linear feet
A very large collection of individually-produced fan magazines (fanzines or ‘zines), circular letters, and related materials, principally of science fiction fantasy subjects, named in honor of Birmingham native and science fiction artist, Al Andrews. See the finding aid for a detailed inventory of the contents of the collection.

Letter from Ann , unknown , 0.1 linear feet
A letter fragment from Ann about the Christmas holiday and the gifts her children received.

Ann Jordan Farm papers , 1879-1874 , 0.25 linear feet
Photocopies of Sidney Z. Mitchell's correspondence, articles relating to his career, and other biographical information. It also includes Jordan family deeds, photographs taken at Ann Jordan Farm, legal documents and correspondence relating to the Jordan Family Cemetery, articles about Ann Jordan Farm and Jordan Dam, and furniture catalogs and floor plans.

Letter from Anna to John Oliver , circa 1895 , 0.05 linear feet
One letter from Anna to her brother John Oliver. Letter is written in Swedish.

Letter from Anna to Sarah , 1833 June 22 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written by Anna from Rock Elm to Sarah about some mutual acquaintances.

Letter from Annie to Sue , 1886 January 1 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Annie, written on 1 January 1886 in Glenview, to Lue and talks about the losses in the family and the desire to not "darken the children's pleasure" by grieving.

Anonymous letter to "Dear Ed", 1911 April 25, 1 letter, 2 pages
The collection contains a handwritten letter from "your best girl" to "Dear Ed" about meeting arrangements

Anonymous letter to "Dear Sister", March 28, 1860, 1 letter, .5 pages
The collection contains one letter from an unknown author to his or her sister. The location is unknown. He hopes his brother and sister are well.

Anonymous letter to Carl, circa 1920, 1 letter, 1 page
The collection contains one letter to "Carl" form "me." The letter is typewritten and the letterhead of the Oakdale Farm Cotton and Tobacco is at the top of both pages. Nonsensical letter about a party, "Me" screaming at nurses for Carl, and "Me" thinking that he will die before tomorrow.

Colonel R. Apperson Letter , 1862 February 22 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter to Colonel R. Apperson written on 22 February 1862, in Mt. Sterling (state unknown), by G. W. Gist, James H. French, and O. S. Tenry.

Lula Applegate Correspondence , 1927, 1938 , 2 letters
Two letters to and from Lula Applegate of Guthrie Center, Iowa. One was from the alumni association of Simpson College informing her of an upcoming fraternity and sorority reunion, and the other from Lula to her sister Mary "Liz" Applegate, at prep school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, mostly discusses real estate and their future living situation.

Douglas Arant Alabama Academy of Honor materials , 1974-1986 , .25 linear feet
Materials relating to Arant's 1978 induction into the Alabama Academy of Honor, including a scrapbook with pictures from the induction, biographical information on members, and past programs from induction ceremonies.

Allan F. Archer papers , 1932-1951 , 1.1 linear feet
Documents pertaining to the career of Dr. Allan F. Archer from 1932 to 1951 when he worked at the University of Alabama Museum of Natural History and Geological Survey of Alabama. The material primarily focuses on Dr. Archer’s study of spiders, but includes crabs, mollusks, crustacean and matters of ecological and biological importance as well.

Archive of American Minority Culture records, 1979-1985, 2.2 linear feet
A unique collection of non-print holdings including videotapes, audiotapes, phonograph records, slides, and photographs related to this grant project. It also contains manuscripts, curriculum guides, unpublished theses and dissertations, bibliographies, and other printed materials. Subject matter includes black history and culture, southern women's literature, oral history, political activism, folk religion, tradition arts, crafts, architecture and other topics relating to Southern history and culture.

Letter from Ardys to Brother , 1929 February 27 , 1 letter
One letter that discusses girls, movies, and sports from Ardys of Promise City, Iowa, to his brother

Edmund Armes papers , 1919 , .25 linear feet
Typed correspondence and telegrams from Armes in his capacity as Birmingham, Alabama chairman of the Sewanee (University of the South) endowment campaign to area Episcopalians, seeking donations for the institution. The collection also contains newspaper clippings pertaining to the campaign, and information on fundraising events.

Ethel Marie Armes papers , between 1890 and 2002 , 0.4 linear feet
Personal letters written by Ethel Armes, a Birmingham journalist and author, primarily to Alice Wiggin of Franklin, Massachusetts.

Mrs. G. Armil Letter , 1937 December 13 , 0.1 linear feet
Letter from Mrs. G. Amil in Moline, Illinois, to H. H. Crofford in Port Byron, Illinois. She sends Christmas greetings and some type of plant as a gift.

A. L. Armstrong receipt, no date, 1 receipt
A receipt signed by A. L. Armstrong acknowledging payment by Benjamin Johnston for the work time lost by Armstrong's slave after being struck by a third party, no date or place specified.

Byron Arnold collection, 1939-1977, 8.2 linear feet
An extensive collection of recordings, with documentation and associated papers, of Alabama folk music, amassed between 1939 and 1957 by Byron Arnold, under the auspices of the University of Alabama Research Committee.

Minnie Arthur Letters , 1883-1924 , 0.1 linear feet
Friends and suitors write to Minnie Arthur of Ohio on a variety of topics, from minutiae to politics and travel. A few letters are from siblings, but most are from female friends and male suitors concerning socializing and visiting.

Ashby and Keifer Family Papers , 1883-1971 , 1 linear feet
The collection contains personal and business correspondence from different members of the Ashby and Kiefer families primarily providing news of daily life from those employed in sales and farming in and around Kentucky and Indiana.

Letter to Anna V. Ashby , 1908 May 10 , 0.1 linear feet
Anna V. Ashby of Parkersburg, West Virginia receives a letter from her grandparents thanking her for her letters and inviting her to visit when the strawberries are ripe.

George Ashby Letters, circa 1948, 51 letters
Collection contains letters addressed to George Ashby. Many of the letters are from Germany and written in German.

William Jason Ashenfelter World War II artifacts and photographs , 1942-1945 , 1.2 linear feet
World War II memorabilia collected and photographs taken during Ashenfelter's tour of duty in Europe .

Mrs. Robert Ashmore collection, 1925-1928, 13 items, 13 pieces
A collection of University of Alabama-related memorabilia, removed from a scrapbook.

Charles Ashton Letter , 1897 March 24 , 1 letter
One typewritten letter from Charles Ashton of Guthrie Center, Iowa, to his young grandson Ned Ashton of Knoxville, Iowa. Charles Ashton talked of the new hens bought by Ned's father and instructed Ned to obey his mother and father.

Ashville Railroad Company records, 1882-1884, 9 items, 24 pieces; photocopies
Photocopies of resolutions about the formation of the company, legal documents, printed maps, certificates of incorporation, and board meeting notices related to the Ashville Railroad Company, 1882-84.

Askew family papers , 1844-1993 , 0.4 linear feet
Biographical sketch, ledger, diaries, church histories, newspaper clippings, copies of poetry and pieces written about Confederate history in Alabama, address and appointment books from this Dayton, Alabama, family.

John Myer Aspinwall Letter , 1842 September 22 , 1 letter
The collection contains a letter written by John Myer Aspinwall to A. C. Flagg, the comptroller of Albany, New York, regarding legal matters.

Bill Aston Letters , 1943 , 0.1 linear feet
Five letters from Bill Aston to Martha Baird in Miami, Florida, all written on U.S. Naval Air Station stationery during World War Two. He refers to her as Citty. Discusses life in the barracks, getting into trade school, and food at the base.

Viscountess Astor letter, 1952 November 5, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 5 November 1952, from Astor to Dr. Gallalee, president of the University of Alabama, declining a speaking invitation.

Atkinson Family Photographs, 1883-1895, 14 photographs
Cabinet and boudoir cards; possibly portraits of Atkinson family and their friends; taken by photographers in Anniston, Alabama, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Atlanta and North Carolina.

Atlanta and West Point Railroad Company freight routes , after 1857 , 0.05 linear feet
Freight traffic routes for this Georgia railroad company

Thomas Atwood letters , 1944-1945 , 0.05 linear feet
Letters from PFC Thomas Atwood to Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Atwood of Williamsburg, Ohio, in 1944 and 1945

Audubon Place (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) Historic District collection , 1981-1985 , .33 linear feet
A collection of information compiled in 1981 in the process of applying for historic designation for this Tuscaloosa, Alabama district. It includes historical data, newspaper clippings about houses, lists of previous owners, special features of houses, floor plans, and an historical inventory of various homes.

Letter from Aunt B. to John and Kate , 1885 February 21 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter written on 21 February 1885, by Aunt B. to John and Kate with news of family and friends.

Aunt Lou Letter, 1918, 1 letter, 4 pages
The collection contains a letter from "Aunt Lou" in Illinois to her nephew Milo Horn in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Aunt Lou discusses their family, how she'll continue to pray for him, and how she wishes the war would end quickly.

Letter from Auntie to Millie , 1923 December 25 , one letter
Contains one letter from Auntie in San Diego to her niece Millie, thanking her for a letter and package containing family photos. She also discusses Christmas festivities in the neighborhood.

Austin family collection, 1887-1980, .5 linear foot
A collection of genealogical information on the Austin, Hutto, Lambert and Knox families. It also contains family correspondence, photographs, and legal documents.

Lavinia Austin Correspondence , 1850s , 0.05 linear feet
Letters to and from Lavinia Austin of Hartford, Connecticut, written in the 1850s.

[Willie L. Austin] diaries, 1869, 1871, 1883, 3 bound diaries
Three diaries, covering the years 1869, 1871, and 1883, perhaps by Willie L. Austin of Sing Sing (now Ossining), New York. The diaries record daily activities, weather observations, and business transactions.

Autograph Album , 1882-1889 , 1 autograph album
This collection consists of one autograph album that belonged to an unidentified owner in Rhode Island. In addition to autographs and quotations there are several calligraphic drawings of birds and flowers.

Louise Avey Papers , 1926-1930 , 0.2 linear feet
This collection consists of letters to Louise Avey congratulating her on her forthcoming marriage in 1926. She was the announcer for the market news on the Wichita, Kansas radio station KFH at the time. The collection also has a large number of newspaper clippings from various Kansas and Kentucky newspapers about her engagement and marriage.

William H. Axelby Letter , 1944 November 6 , 1 letter, 1 envelope
This collection consists of a letter from William ("Bill") H. Axelby, Fort Benning, Georgia, to his mother, Mrs. F. D. Axelby, Jersey City, New Jersey, November 6, 1944. He writes about having a wisdom tooth removed and that he will soon be leaving and getting a new APO. The letter is written on Fort Benning, Georgia, stationery.

Ann Ayer manuscript, 1972, 1 item
A manuscript of Ayers's guide for "Locating and Using Selected Genealogical Sources," written in 1972 and copyrighted in 1978.

Harry Mell Ayers papers , 1918-1956 , 16.4 linear feet
Contains the correspondence ofthis New Deal Democrat and Civil Rights supporter who owned the newspaper, the Anniston Star. The correspondence deals with local, state, and national political campaigns, elections, education, civil rights, editorials, letters to the editor, and events of the times. The collection also contains personal correspondence with other newspapermen, educators, and statesmen; copies of editorials and clippings on Alabama politics, Anniston, education, the Federal Government, foreign affairs, religion, and the South and segregation.

Aylette family pedigree, no date, 3 items
A typed copy of the Aylette family pedigree.

Frank Everard Ardrey, Jr. Photographs, 1912 - 1958, 0.5 linear feet
This collection consists of 32 black and white photographs of Alabama trolleys and railroads including: Birmingham Electric, Ensley and Bessemer RY, Birmingham Tracing Company, Alabama Power Company, Selma Electric, Anniston Electric and Gas, Mobile Light and RY, Southern Railroad and the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad. This collection has been purchased from Charles Apfelbaum.

ACIPCO records , 1922-1926 , 0.1 linear feet
Contains correspondence and production reports of this Birmingham, Alabama, cast iron company.

Alpha Chi Omega collection , 1943 , 0.1 linear feet
Photograph of the University of Alabama members of the 1943 Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity, a photocopy of the Alpha Chi Omega page from the 1943 Corolla yearbook (with the same group photograph), and the dust jacket for the 1943 Corolla featuring sketches of men and women in military uniforms

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