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Laser printing is available at the public computer workstations in the libraries through the Pharos UnipriNT network printing system. When printing is done, the Pharos UnipriNT system debits the user's Action Card or Community User Card for the cost of a print job. The charge for black & white copies is $.05 per page and for color copies (where available) $.15 per page. All pages are 8.5 x 11. This charge for printing applies to all users, including faculty and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions about the
Pharos UnipriNT System in University Libraries

How does Pharos UnipriNT work?
At a computer workstation, the user clicks on the print button and gives the job a unique job name. The print job is sent to a print station. At the print station, the user swipes an Action Card or Community User Card through a card reader, then clicks on the print job, and releases the file to the printer for printing.

How much does printing cost?
$.05 for black & white pages; $.15 per page for color pages, where offered.

What happens when the Action Card server is not working?
A user can still print from workstations when the Action Card server is down. The user's Action Card will be debited when the Action Card server is operational again.

Can students pay for printing without an Action Card?
Yes, any library user can purchase a Community User Card from printing card dispensers located in Gorgas, Bruno, McLure, and Rodgers Libraries. At Hoole Special Collections Library, a printing card can be purchased from library staff.

How do users pay for printing?
Everyone pays for printing with Bama Cash. University students, faculty, and staff use the Bama Cash account on their Action Card accounts to pay for printing. University departments can purchase a printing card from the Action Card Office for use by their faculty and research assistants. The general public can buy a Community User Card that will also use Bama Cash to pay for printing.

Are there ways other than printing to capture information from computer workstations?
Yes. In many cases, computer output can be sent to an e-mail account. The majority of files can be downloaded to a diskette. Or, the information can be read from the monitor.

What if a user, by mistake, selects and prints the wrong job?
Selecting the correct print job is the user's responsibility. Only selected jobs are debited on the user's Action Card account.

What if the print quality is poor or the printer doesn't work?
Check with library staff for assistance.

Do print jobs sent to the print server have to be paid for, if it's decided that printing is not desired?
No. A print job is not paid for until the job is released to the printer for printing. A job sent to the print station, but not released to the printer, drops automatically from the system after two hours.

Can a job released to the printer be canceled or stopped from printing?
No. Once a job is selected and released for printing, it cannot be canceled. The user must pay for the print job.

How can a user add money for printing to an Action Card or a Community User Card?
Users with cash can add money to cards at printing card dispenser machines in Gorgas, Bruno, McLure, and Rodgers Libraries. Users with a check can add money to cards at the Gorgas Library Copy Center. Users with a credit card can add money online at the Action Card Web site:

What if the card reader doesn't read the Action Card?
The user should go to another workstation and try the process again. This will help determine whether there's a problem with the Action Card or with the card reader on the first machine. If the problem is the Action Card, the user should go to the Action Card Office to correct the problem. After business hours the University Police can issue a temporary card.

Can the money on one's Community User Card be used for other than printing?
Yes. The money added to a Community User Card is Bama Cash and can be used anywhere Bama Cash is accepted. Unused money on a Community User Card cannot be refunded.

What if the Pharos UnipriNT server doesn't work?
Printing is not possible until the problem is fixed. There is a back-up server for the Pharos UnipriNT server to minimized disruptions.

Instructions for Printing
From University Libraries Workstations

At Library Workstation:

  1. Click on FILE from Menu
  2. Choose PRINT
  3. Select Black & white or color printer(if available)
  4. Indicate pages and number of copies
  5. Pop up window appears
  6. Type your name and a job name for color printing or type your name only for black & white printing.
  7. Press ENTER.

At Print Station:

  1. Swipe Action Card in card swipe
  2. Select/highlight your print job
  3. Notice the number of sheets and total cost of print job
  4. If cost is okay, click PRINT
  5. Click LOG OFF
From your personal laptop:
  1. For PC laptop, choose the installation package that matches the building that you are printing from:

    For Mac laptop, choose this file.
  1. Download the file to your laptop.  

  2. For PC, right-cliick the file that you downloaded and choose "Run as administrator".  It will install the driver package for that particular building.
    For Mac, unzip package, install popup.pkg and then run UA_Libraries_Printer_Install.mpkg.
  1. After installing package on PC laptop, browse to Devices and Printers and set your default printer.
    After installing package on Mac laptop, open Printers & Scanners and choose your default printer.
  1. You can now print to the Libraries' printers just as you can from UA Libraries public computers.