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Rodgers Presentation Equipment
Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionKnowing how to prepare and deliver effective presentations is important for all students.  Do you plan to give a talk in a class?  Will you be asked to do a presentation at a job interview?  Your future employer may have you give presentations to company employees and customers.  "Winging it" is not enough to ensure success.  With this in mind, Rodgers Library offers the right equipment and provides special spaces to help you prepare and practice presentations.

To begin, students can check out a video camera and tripod for use in the library.  You can use any one of our group study rooms to make a video recording of your live presentation.

With a video capture of your presentation in hand, you can view the results using a large-screen monitor in the Yellowhammer Room or the Great Bear Room.  You can use a library-owned laptop or your own device to connect with a large-screen mobile monitor. After viewing video of your presentation, you may decide that improvement is needed.  If so, the recording process can be repeated multiple times until you reach the desired result.

Do you have a PowerPoint and just want to hone your delivery skills?  We can help with this too.  Rodgers Library has two Smart Boards. There is one Smart Board in
the Nightingale Room and one Smart Board on the wall outside the Nightingale Room.  At other times, you may want to give a talk using information from BlackBoard Learn or the web more generally.  Whatever the approach, with a little practice, your presentation skills will improve.

Accessories (special pens, eraser, and cables) for the Smart Board in the Nightingale Room are available for check out at the Circulation Desk.

The Smart Board on the wall near the entrance to the Nightingale Room is already set up with a desktop computer.  To use this device, check out a wireless keyboard, mouse, special pens and an eraser at the Circulation Desk. 

Students can check out a video camera and tripod at the Circulation Desk in Rodgers Library.   

The hardware and spaces we offer are excellent for:

·         Group projects
·         Video recording a presentation
·         Practice presentation
·         Watch and learn by sharing information.

Special Presentation Practice Room:

Presentation Practice Room (special room, reservation upon request) in Rodgers:
  1. Yellowhammer Room
  2. Open for reservation with use with library's camera and tripod (required)
  3. Room reservation 12 hours in advance
  4. Reservations allowed Monday –Thursday; 7:45 – 10:00; 7:45 – 5:00 on Friday
  5. Make reservation with staff at Circulation desk
  6. Reserved sign will be placed on door to Yellowhammer room in advance
For guidance or training on how to use the library's presentation equipment, please contact Rosanne Rumstay in Rodgers Library.

Advice from others on  better presentations: