The University of Alabama
Presentation Practice Rooms
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Guidelines for Use:



  1. Must be a registered student for the current semester.

  2. Must have ACTion CARD – verify by swiping ACTion Card.

  3. May Reserve or use the room if not already booked.

  4. 2 HR. Reservations (includes walk-ins as well) must be logged in the RED Booking Presentation Room Notebook:  must have the following info -

  1. Student Name Booking Room

  2. Campus Wide ID #

  3. Number of people

  4. Valid phone number

  1. 1 to 4 patrons in a room at a time.

  2. CANNOT be used as a STUDY ROOM MUST be practicing a presentation.

  3. Keep ACTion Card from student using the room. Place student ACTion Card in correct room number bag and give them the key.  They will get their ACTion Card upon return of the key.

  4. Circulation Fac/Staff or Student Assistant working desk will check the room to verify equipment is turned off and nothing is broken or missing when the key is returned. 

  5. Any issues need to be immediately reported to:  Wendy, Will, or Jim Blansett (Room #32) – If none of them are here at the time please send an email to and cc and

  6.  If either presentation room is experiencing problems and can’t be used we can offer the other one if it is not booked at that time.  Please make sure the patrons are notified by phone if this occurs and make the correct change in the red notebook.