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Policies: Records Management
Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionThe University Archives and Records Management program consists of permanent and temporary records created by university offices.  Permanent records are those records of enduring value that are kept because of their historical importance, or because they are considered to be records that are vital to the ongoing mission of The University of Alabama.  Temporary records are those records that have ephemeral value  Temporary records will be destroyed by the originating office at a time specified by the Public Universities of Alabama Functional Analysis and Records Disposition Authority. 

The University of Alabama Archives contains records of administrators, faculty, and students. Records after 1920 encompass the entire operational aspect of The University of Alabama. Noteworthy items include the papers of University of Alabama Presidents and other key administrators. Some archival materials have restricted access. Users must obtain permission from the originating office before they can access these records. 

The University Archives also contains a broad range of University publications that are cataloged in the Hoole Library. Notable among these are the school yearbook (Corolla), the school newspaper (The Crimson White), University catalogs, and the records of some student organizations.

The University of Alabama Records Management Program manages records generated by university departments and offices.  These records include administrative, financial, and student records that encompass the day-to-day business of the university and are of short term value.  The majority of these records have restricted access. Users must obtain permission from the generating department before they can access these records.

The goal of the University of Alabama's Records Management Program is to promote efficiency and economy at The University of Alabama and to aid University offices in the management of their recorded information.  The University of Alabama's records retention schedules  meet the legal requirements of the state of Alabama. 

Revisions to the retention schedule are listed sequentially by year. Please note that these revisions deal with particular portions of the general schedule, so check each of the revisions to determine what effect they may have on the particular records of your office.

Revisions to the Retention Schedules

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