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How To Find Books
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Books that are owned by the University Libraries are included in the Libraries' Catalog. You can search by author, title, keyword, or subject. When you find the entry for the book you want, it will tell you which of the libraries have the book, where it is located in that library, and whether it is already checked out.

Use Scout or go to the Libraries' Catalog

Location of Library Materials in Gorgas Library


The University Libraries also offer some books that can be read on your computer screen. Those titles are also included in the Libraries' Catalog. Click here for a list of the electronic book collections.


If you need a book that is not part of the University Libraries' collection, you can borrow it from another library.

Universal Borrowing/Borrowing Partners

You can use the "Other Libraries" section of the Libraries' Catalog to search for and request books from our borrowing partners. Those libraries are: University of Alabama at Birmingham, Auburn University, Auburn University at Montgomery, and Jacksonville State University. The book will be delivered to the University Libraries, and you can pick it up. Our borrowing partners will also allow you to check out books at their libraries using your University of Alabama Action Card.

Go to the "Other Libraries" section of the Libraries' Catalog.

Read more about Universal Borrowing.


KUDZU is a combined catalog for over 15 university libraries in the Southeast. Your search will show you the books held by each of those libraries. If you find a book you need that is not in our collection, you can use the Interlibrary Loan button to submit a request to borrow the book from one of the other libraries.

Go to KUDZU.

Interlibrary Loan

You may also submit an "interlibrary loan" request to borrow a book from another library, even if you don't know which other library might have it. We will find a copy and borrow it on your behalf.

Read more about Interlibrary Loan policies and procedures.

Go to the Interlibrary Loan form.


Here are more places to learn about books.

Books in Print is a database that contains entries for millions of books. Search by author, title, or keyword.

WorldCat is a combined catalog for thousands of libraries. It contains entries for over 40 million items.

If you find a book in Books in Print or WorldCat that you would like to see, check the Libraries' Catalog to see whether we have a copy at the University Libraries. If not, follow the instructions in the "Books at Other Libraries" section above to borrow a copy from another library.