Shakespeare au/in Québec
Shakespeare au/in Québec image
Shakespeare au/in Québec (SQ) is a bilingual critical anthology of 20+ previously unpublished adaptations of Shakespeare written in Québec since the Quiet Revolution, a period of vast social reform that began in 1960. These plays will be marked up in TEI-compliant XML and cross-referenced to corresponding sections of Shakespeare’s texts via pop-up annotations. Built in Drupal, the site will also have a searchable database of each play’s theatre history and production details, as well as multimedia image, audio, and video files; a bibliography of secondary sources; interviews with playwrights; and a section on the literary and political history of Québec.

Project Collaborators: Jennifer Drouin (English Department), Nathan Humpal (Metadata), Franky Abbott (formerly ADHC), Steven Turner (LWeb Services), Kayla Burns (Metadata)