Digital Edition of Jeronima Nava y Saavedra's Vida (1669-1727)
The Digital Edition of Jeronima Nava y Saavedra's Vida gives both the academic and the casual reader of women's spiritual autobiography the opportunity to read this Colonial Colombian nun's text from the original manuscript. Easy accessibility is ensured via a diplomatic edition in which the manuscript page faces a transcribed, tagged page, with notes. The project, started in 2010, has collected images of the N1 manuscript from the National Library in Bogota along with pictures from Mother Jeronima's convent and colonial environs. Working with the Digital Humanities Center, this project is building a digital archive of writings by colonial women in New Granada. We are pleased to work in conjunction with the National Library of Colombia.

Project Collaborators: Connie Janiga-Perkins (Department of Modern Languages and Classics), Mary Alexander (Metadata), Franky Abbott (formerly ADHC), Kim Smalley (Web Services), Muzel Chen (ADHC), Emma Annette Wilson (ADHC)