Rediscovering Cuba in the British Periodicals Corpus
This project seeks to recover the metonymic distinctiveness of colonial Cuba in the British imagination, as represented by the British periodical press 1680s-1930s. Having secured the rights to non-consumptive use of ProQuest's British Periodicals database, and isolated all files containing references to "Cuba," researchers deploy concordance software to relocate those references in linguistic context and to map word use frequencies. In addition to providing the basis for future efforts at topic modeling and other strategies of "distant reading," this ADHC initiative also aims to guide future research into the imaginative possibilities inherent in distinctively British representations of Cuba and the West Indies.

Project Collaborators: Albert Pionke (English Department), Tom Wilson (ADHC), Franky Abbott (formerly ADHC), Steven Turner (Web Services), Jason Battles (Library Technology Planning and Policy)