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Adcock, Donna B. Director, Public RelationsLibrary Administration348-1416  348-8833
Adcock, Patrick Archival TechnicianSpecial Collections348-0524  348-1699
Anderson, Jessica IT Technical Specialist IIWeb Services348-0762  348-8833
Arrasmith, Wendy Library AssociateEducation Library348-5678  348-6602
Barnes, Scott Instructional Technologist IISanford Media Center348-6586  348-8833
Bethard, Trinh Library AssociateAcquisitions348-2418  348-6358
Blackmon, Kristy Library Assistant IAcquisitions348-1494  348-6358
Boyd, Chynna IT Technician IIIArea Computing Services348-4606  
Brosier, Barbara Library Assistant IIBusiness Library348-1081  348-9564
Brown, Terry Office Associate Sr.Business Office348-1486  348-2399
Burnett, April N. Archival TechnicianSpecial Collections348-5128  348-1699
Burnett, Emily Mims Events CoordinatorBusiness Office348-5543  348-2399
Cannon, Diane Library AssociateAcquisitions348-5016  348-6358
Causey, Pat Library Assistant IIInterlibrary Loan348-2366  348-9564
Chatnik, Corinne IT Technical Specialist IDigital Services348-0515  348-1699
Cochran, Jacqueline Library Clerk, CirculationHealth Sciences Library348-1360  348-9563
Colonna-Romano, Jeremiah IT Technical Specialist IIIDigital Services348-0515  348-1699
Craig, Cathy Library Assistant IIGorgas Library, Circulation Department348-7441  348-9564
Davis, Cornelia Circulation Services SupervisorGorgas Library, Circulation Department348-3417  348-9564
Davis-Dill, Celeste IT Technical Specialist IElectronic Resources348-1495  348-6358
Deason, Harriet Manager, Administrative and Fiscal AffairsBusiness Office348-5540  348-2399
Dykeman, Gina IT Technical Specialist IIArea Computing Services348-2375  348-8833
Edwards, Dee Library Assistant IIAcquisitions348-6044  348-6358
Ewing, Pam Senior Library AssistantHealth Sciences Library348-1367  348-9563
Grace, Tyler IT Technical Specialist IIDigital Humanities Center348-3174  348-2399
Halbrook, Krista Library Assistant IIBusiness Library348-1094  348-0803
Harris, Ron Library Assistant IIGovernment Documents348-6446  
Hatter, Hannah-Marie Library Assistant IIGorgas Library, Circulation Department348-1976  348-8833
Hill, Lori Office Associate IISpecial Collections348-0500  348-1699
Holliday, Allyson Library Assistant IIISpecial Collections348-0504  348-1699
Hollinghead, Alexander Instructional Technologist IISanford Media Center348-4662  348-8833
Hudson, LaToya Library Assistant IIGorgas Library, Circulation Department348-9749  348-9564
Johnson, Vera Program/HR AssistantLibrary Administration348-5033  348-8833
Jones, William IT Technical Specialist IVWeb Infrastructure & Application Development348-8879  348-8833
Klaric, Marina Archival TechnicianSpecial Collections348-0514  348-1699
Krylov, Boris IT Technical Specialist IIIWeb Infrastructure & Application Development348-0769  348-8833
Lang, David IT Technical Specialist IArea Computing Services348-9852  348-8833
Leigeber, Scott Library Assistant ICataloging & Metadata Services348-5097  348-6358
Lewis, David Library Assistant IIAnnex Services348-3669  348-3670
Lewis, Brenda IT Technical Specialist IIILS & E-Resources Management348-0820  348-8833
Loucks, Rose Library Assistant IIMusic Library348-7344  348-2399
Marcks, Gaby Library Assistant IIIInterlibrary Loan348-7368  348-9564
McGuigan, Sara Library Assistant IBusiness Library348-1080  348-0803
McIver, Ryan Library Assistant IIAnnex Services348-3669  348-3670
Miesse, Shane Instructional Technologist ISanford Media Center348-5070  348-8833
Miller, Danny IT Technical Specialist IIIArea Computing Services348-5073  348-8833
Minor, Donna Library AssociateBusiness Library348-1084  348-0803
Mixon, Yvonne Executive SecretaryLibrary Administration348-7561  348-8833
O'Neal, Leon Library Assistant IBusiness Library348-1083  348-0803
Olmstead, Rebekah Library Assistant IIInterlibrary Loan348-4018  348-9564
Pate, Jennifer Library Assistant IIIGorgas Information Services348-7778  348-2399
Patrick, Michael IT Technical Specialist IIILS & E-Resources Management348-9520  348-8833
Pucko, Jr., Robert Manager, Networking and Computing SupportArea Computing Services348-6765  348-8833
Pulliam, Tiffany Library Assistant IIGorgas Library, Circulation Department348-8193  348-9564
Ray, Kevin Institutional Records AnalystSpecial Collections348-6390  348-1699
Robbins, Mary Ann Library AssociateScience and Engineering Library348-2126  348-2113
Rumstay, Rosanne Library Assistant IScience and Engineering Library348-2106  348-2113
Schnell, Ellery Library Assistant IIScience and Engineering Library348-4931  348-2113
Sealey, Glenda Stacks & Space Assessment Coord.Gorgas Library, Circulation Department348-9750  348-9564
Shirley, Sharon Library Assistant IIAcquisitions348-6044  348-6358
Smith, Cheryl Mail Delivery AssistantBusiness Office348-2160  348-2399
Steward, Pam Accounting SpecialistBusiness Office348-6307  348-2399
Thomas, Celeste Library Assistant IICataloging & Metadata Services348-0989  348-6358
Tillis, Jeremy IT Technical Specialist IIIWeb Infrastructure & Application Development348-4379  348-8833
Tinker, Annette Library Assistant IIIScience and Engineering Library348-2120  348-2113
Tobola, Lynn Coord. Of Instr. Resources, Sch. Of Social WorkSchool of Social Work348-6611  348-9419
Tyra, Brock Library Assistant IIIGorgas Library, Circulation Department348-7375  348-9564
Walker, Shinora Library Assistant IIScience and Engineering Library348-2112  348-2113
Washington, Fredrick Library Assistant IIICataloging & Metadata Services348-6378  348-6358
White, Le Library Assistant IIIGovernment Documents348-3404  348-6358
Wilson, Amy Office Associate Sr.Business Office348-8451  348-2399
Wilson, Emma ADHC Post Doc FellowDigital Humanities Center348-0767  348-2399
Winters, III, Gates W. Institutional Records Asst.Special Collections348-0502  348-1699
Alexander, Mary Asso. Prof.Metadata LibrarianCataloging & Metadata Services348-1490  348-6358
Brothers, Paul Asso. Prof.Business Reference LibrarianBusiness Library348-1097  348-0803
Corrado, Edward Asso. Prof.Associate Dean for Library Technology Planning & PolicyLibrary Administration348-8647  348-8833
Dahlbach, Barbara Asso. Prof.Collection Coordinator for Social SciencesAnnex Services348-7658  348-3670
DeRidder, Jody L. Asso. Prof.Head, Digital ServicesDigital Services348-0511  348-1699
Hill, Debra Asso. Prof.Head, ILS & E-Resources ManagementILS & E-Resources Management348-2097  348-8833
Krishnamurthy, Mangala Asso. Prof.Reference LibrarianScience and Engineering Library348-2109  348-2113
Lee-Smeltzer, Janet Asso. Prof.Head, Cataloging & Metadata Serv.Cataloging & Metadata Services348-6022  348-6358
Lo, Leo Asso. Prof.Head, McLure Education LibraryEducation Library348-1507  348-6602
McClure, Jennifer Asso. Prof.Humanities CoordinatorCollection Management348-2806  348-6358
Paluzzi, Mary Bess Asso. Prof.Associate Dean for Special CollectionsLibrary Administration348-0513  348-1699
Pearce, Michael Asso. Prof.Head of Gorgas Information ServicesGorgas Information Services348-6194  348-2399
Shedd, Lindley C. Asso. Prof.Media Services CoordinatorSanford Media Center348-4674  348-8833
Strnad, Benita Asso. Prof.CMC LibrarianEducation Library348-1508  348-6602
Walton, Donnelly Asso. Prof.Archival Access CoordinatorSpecial Collections348-0505  348-1699
Wright, Angela Asso. Prof.Human Resources OfficerLibrary Administration348-6303  348-8833
Bace, Martha Ann Asst. Prof.Processing ArchivistSpecial Collections348-6388  348-1699
Blansett, Jim E. Asst. Prof.Information Resources LibrarianEducation Library348-1506  348-1506
Boucher, Alex Asst. Prof.Research & Instructional Services LibrarianGorgas Information Services348-6584  348-2399
Cabanero, Jennifer Asst. Prof.Special Collections CatalogerSpecial Collections348-2988  
DuPree, Nancy Asst. Prof.Williams Collection CuratorCollection Management348-1489  348-8833
England, Erica Asst. Prof.Research & Instructional Services LibrarianGorgas Information Services348-6048  348-2399
Gilbreath, James Asst. Prof.Research & Instructional Services LibrarianGorgas Information Services348-6529  348-2399
Green, Melissa Asst. Prof.Academic Technologies Instruction LibrarianOffice of Library Technology348-3423  348-8833
Johnson, Kayla Asst. Prof.Research & Instructional Services LibrarianGorgas Information Services348-1200  348-2399
Johnson, Karlie Asst. Prof.Research & Instructional Services LibrarianGorgas Information Services348-4975  348-2399
Matheny, Kathryn Asst. Prof.Reference Services & Outreach CoordinatorSpecial Collections348-0506  348-1699
Miller, Cynthia F. Asst. Prof.Music, Fine & Performing Arts Collections CoordinatorMusic Library348-8644  348-2399
Parker, Andrew Asst. Prof.Web Services LibrarianWeb Services348-1933  
Price, Amanda Asst. Prof.Electronic Resources & Digital Integration LibrarianElectronic Resources348-0895  348-6358
Quintel, Denise Asst. Prof.Web Applications LibrarianWeb Services348-3240  348-8833
Ratkovich, Patricia Asst. Prof.Catalog LibrarianCataloging & Metadata Services348-6389  348-6358
Sawula, Christopher Asst. Prof.Director of Research & Academic Programs for the AS WilliamsIII Americana Special CollectionsSpecial Collections348-9244  348-8833
Scalfani, Vincent Asst. Prof.Science & Engineering LibrarianScience and Engineering Library348-5806  348-2113
Siciliano, Mark Asst. Prof.Business Reference LibrarianBusiness Library348-1098  348-0803
Turner, Steven Asst. Prof.Head, Web ServicesWeb Services348-1638  348-8833
Unkeless-Perez, Vanessa Asst. Prof.Metadata LibrarianCataloging & Metadata Services348-1516  348-6358
Walker, Kevin Asst. Prof.Government Documents Team LeaderGovernment Documents348-1357  348-9564
Wallwork, Todd Asst. Prof.Metadata LibrarianCataloging & Metadata Services348-3251  348-6358
Whitver, Sara Asst. Prof.Research & Instructional Services Librarian (1st Year Experience)Gorgas Information Services348-0896  348-2399
Williams, Nelle Asst. Prof.DirectorHealth Sciences Library348-1364  348-9563
Chapman, Karen Prof.Business Reference LibrarianBusiness Library348-1096  348-0803
Jackson, Mildred Prof.Associate Dean for Research & InstructionLibrary Administration348-5008  348-8833
Pike, Lee Prof.HeadBusiness Library348-1095  348-0803
Pitschmann, Louis A. Prof.Dean of LibrariesLibrary Administration348-7561  348-8833
Sandy, John H. Prof.HeadScience and Engineering Library348-2111  
Wilson, Tom Prof.Associate Dean for Branch Libraries and Digital Student ServicesLibrary Administration348-2299  348-8833
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