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This page contains names of manuscript collections with brief descriptions of them. Highlighted collection names link to finding aids in PDF format that offer more detailed descriptions of the collections. The highlighted collections do not represent all available finding aids at the W.S. Hoole Library. We will add more to the list as we convert our paper finding aids to electronic aids for web presentation.

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Jon Charles Acker collection of commemorative event covers and first day of issue stamped envelopes , 1929-1993 , 0.2 linear feet
U.S.S. Tuscaloosa commemorative covers, including "First Day in Commission" and "Shakedown Cruise" covers, several miscellaneous first day of issue stamped envelopes and other commemorative covers postmarked from the U.S.S. Tuscaloosa, and ten first day of issue stamps, most of which relate to the State of Alabama in some way

University of Alabama Alumni Association Scrapbook , 1954-1959 , 1 linear feet
A scrapbook of Alumni Association meetings, events, and related articles and materials.

U.S. Land Office at Montgomery, Alabama, July 1884, commissioners' land selection , 1884 , 1.2 linear feet
Ledger page describing the land selected for the University of Alabama in 1884

Postcard from Uncle Bud to Edward Gilmore , 1941 November 6 , 1 postcard
Uncle Bud writes from Camp Lee, Virginia, to Edward Gilmore in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Bud writes that the Army does not pay well and expresses his hope to see Gilmore at Christmas.

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" Illustrated Fragment , circa1850 , 0.05 linear feet
Fragment of an illustrated German translation of "Uncle Tom's Cabin".

Green Underwood record book, 1843-1894, 1 record book
Record book of Green Underwood in Dallas County, Alabama, lists information about cotton purchases and money due and owed to him. He lists how the money he has should be divided upon his death. He adds entries until his death in 1852; someone else made notes and entries until 1895.

J. C. Underwood ballad, circa 1863, 1 item ; typescript
A ballad composed at Vicksburg, Mississippi and presented by R. S. Hinnett to his wife.

Unidentified Letter Fragment , 1893 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter fragment from unidentified author writes about winter and the military ball.

Unidentified Letter Fragment , after 1850 , 0.05 linear feet
Fragment of a letter written to unidentified family members by an unidentifiable correspondent.

Unidentified Letters in French , after 1740 , 0.05 linear feet
A biographical sketch of a lieutenant in the French infantry stationed in Louisiana in the 1740s and 1750s. There are also several items that look to be a serial letter. All the documents are in French and there is no translation available at this time.

Union Baptist Church of Christ records, 1839-1992, 2 ledgers, photocopies
Contains membership lists (including black members), regulations, doctrine, minutes, and membership letters for this Sweetwater, Marengo County, Alabama, church.

Union soldier letter (II) , 1865 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from an unknown Union soldier, possibly an African-American, to his mother, 7 December 1865.

Union soldier letter (I) , circa 1863 , 0.1 linear feet
A fragment of a letter of unknown date, probably late 1863, by an unknown Union soldier, describing his feeling about emancipation and experience at Gettysburg.

United Confederate Veterans, Camp Rodes Chapter, records, 1893-1926, 0.4 linear foot
Partial records of this Confederate veterans organization's Tuscaloosa chapter, including information on its founding and membership rolls which list members' wartime units and, often, their death dates.

United Daughters of the Confederacy, Alabama Division, Records , 1938-1957 , 0.8 linear feet
This collection contains biographies of thirty-nine prominent Civil War-era figures from Alabama and correspondence to and from Mrs. Annie Daugette, chair of the committee in charge of the project.

United Daughters of the Confederacy, Amelia Gayle Gorgas Chapter, records, 1942-1960, 0.4 linear foot
Records of the Tuscaloosa chapter of the U.D.C., including meeting minutes, 1949-61; a 1942 scrapbook; newspaper articles, an essay titled "A Sketch of the Life of General Josiah Gorgas," and correspondence concerning the chapter.

United Daughters of the Confederacy, Robert Emmett Rhodes Chapter, records, circa 1891-2000, 5 linear feet
This collection contains U.D.C. applications, subject folders, secretary's records, yearbooks, and scrapbooks of this chapter.

United Methodist Women, North Alabama Conference records, 1873-1979, 0.04 linear feet
Records of conference meetings of Methodist Women in Missions, North Alabama Conference, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

United Methodist Women, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, records , 2001-2013 , 0.4 linear feet
Directories and executive board minutes for the United Methodist Women of First United Methodist Church of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

United States Army and ROTC articles and newspapers , 2001-2008 , 0.1 linear feet
Articles and newspapers on the U.S. Army and ROTC programs at the University of Alabama.

United States District Court, Southern District of Alabama, records, 1857-1859, 1 linear foot
A record of copyrights granted by the United States District Court of Southern Alabama, 1857-59.

United States General Land Office records , 1738-1903 , 27 ledgers
This collection consists of ledgers containing: Land Commission correspondence; applications for land in Mississippi and Alabama territories; copies of land grants from England, France and Spain to residents in Mobile; marriage contracts; wills; and plats of grants, 1783-1813. Ledger 17 contains diary entries by James E. Henderson of Co. C, 12th Iowa Infantry, who was assistant provost marshall in Alabama in 1865. Several ledgers have been indexed by names.

United States General Land Office certificates of title, 1834-1898, 11 linear feet
This collection consists of Land Office certificates of title, 1834-98, arranged alphabetically by county.

United States General Land Office certificate, 1825, 1987, 3 items (in part photocopies)
A certificate acknowledging full payment for land in Tuscaloosa by John M. Fleming in 1825 and a photocopy of a statement by Tuscaloosa Probate Judge Hardy McCollum, 1987, confirming the authenticity of the document.

United States History Scrapbook , 1928-1964 , 0.2 linear feet
Contains newspaper and magazine clippings primarily covering United States history and presidents (from Washington to Eisenhower), including illustrations and comics depicting life and ideas about world events taking place at the time.

United States Land Office Certificates of Title Collection , 1837–1897 , 11 linear feet (approximately 2,000 documents)
The collection contains United States Land Office certificates of title for selected counties in Alabama dated from 1834 to 1898, arranged alphabetically by county.

United States Land Office, St. Stephens, Washington County, Alabama, records, 1846, 150 items
This collection contains correspondence, abstracts, and miscellaneous records.

United States Navy training manuals, circa 1941, 2 items, 157 pieces
Two gunnery training publications for Navy officers, issued to Lt. Commander H. C. Meredith during World War II.

United States President, Cabinet, and House of Representatives, 34th Congress, autograph book , 1885-1903 , 0.1 linear feet
Book containing the autographs of President Franklin Pierce (1853-1857) and his Cabinet, as well as those of virtually all members of the United States House of Representatives during the 34th Congress (3 December 1855 - 4 March 1857). The book also has the autograph of Confederate General Edmund W. Pettus, written in 1903 while he was a U.S. Senator.

United States Treasury Department lease, 1864, 1 item
A blank lease issued by the Treasury Department in 1864, containing rules for hiring Freedmen.

University Alumnae Association minutes, 1934-1939, 18 items
A partial collection of meeting minutes of this service and social club for women graduates of the University of Alabama, 1934-39.

Flag of the Union 1984 article about the University Club, Tuscaloosa, Alabama , 1984 , 1.5 linear feet
Framed "Flag of the Union" 1984 article about the 150th anniversary of the University Club

University Libraries Photographs, 1971 - 1999, 901 photographs
Color and black and white photographs depicting different events taken place at the University Libraries such as: retirements parties (1992 for Gunetta Rich; June 20, 1994 for Ann Elmore; Mary Henderson; Joyce Lamont; and Joyce Mizer held at the University Club); 1991 service award; 1994 Tutwiler award; construction of Hoole Special Collections and moving into it; 1990 Wade Hall.

University of Alabama Photograph Albums, circa1911, 2 photographic albums
Souvenir photograph albums from The University of Alabama, showing campus and buildings, including Garland Hall, Clark Hall, Manly Hall, Morgan Hall, Comer Hall, Smith Hall (interior and exterior), Woods Hall, President's Mansion and fraternity houses.

University of Alabama Holiday Greeting Cards , 1996-2010 , 0.1 linear feet
Holiday greeting cards from presidents at the University of Alabama.

University of Alabama commencement collection , 1914-1940 , 0.2 linear feet
University of Alabama's commencement exercises and programs

University of Alabama Theatre posters, programs, etc. , 1967-1974 , 1.6 linear feet
University of Alabama theater posters and programs as well as educational television programming guides for the third quarter of the twentieth century.

University of Alabama 1964-1965 Football Scrapbook , 1964-1965 , 1.4 linear feet
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings covering just over half of the 1964 University of Alabama undefeated football season and the loss to Texas in the Orange Bowl on 1 January 1965. Most of the articles feature UA quarterback, Joe Namath.

University of Alabama baseball and graduation materials, 1894, 17 items, 17 pieces (photocopies)
Photocopies of telegrams and clippings pertaining to the University of Alabama's first baseball game in 1894 with Vanderbilt and 1894 graduation exercises. The telegrams were sent to Tuscaloosa, reporting scoring as game progressed.

University of Alabama Corps of Cadets collection , 1873-1905 , 0.1 linear feet
A miscellany of material relating to the University of Alabama Corps of cadets, 1873-1905, including invitations to the 1873 junior exhibition and Corps of Cadets hops (dances) in 1874, 1876, and 1878, and the program for a 1905 reunion of the Corps of Cadets Company E, winner of a 1885 drill competition at the New Orleans Exposition.

University of Alabama Episcopal Student Club scrapbook, circa 1925-1959, 2 scrapbooks w/photos, clippings,photocopies 2 inc
Scrapbooks of the Episcopal Student Club of the University of Alabama, which was connected to this Episcopal Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The scrapbooks contain photos, newspaper clippings and newsletters.

The University of Alabama Glee Club Post CArd and Newspaper Clipping , 1921-1922 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains one picture postcard depicting The University of Alabama Glee Club during its seventeenth season as well as a picture of the group (year unknown) clipped from a newspaper.

University of Alabama Glee Club placards , 1925-1931 , 1.6 linear feet
Two placards advertising the UA Glee Club's 1925-1926 and 1931 seasons.

University of Alabama Institute for Book Arts Papers , 1974-2006 , 2.2 linear feet
Correspondence, administrative papers, and production materials from the early years of the Institute for Book Arts.

University of Alabama Women's Club, Gourmet Interest Group records , 1998-2005 , 0.1 linear feet
Correspondence, menus, and recipes of this branch of the University of Alabama Women's Club.

University of Alabama Women , 1923-1986 , 12.6 linear feet
This collection contains scrapbooks, newspaper articles, yearbooks, minutes, financial records, and photographs pertaining to, along with the constitution of, this Tuscaloosa women's civic organization.

University of Alabama Rotunda Excavation Materials, circa 1984, .2 linear feet
This collection contains materials relating to the 1984 excavation of the Rotunda, the building which originally housed the University of Alabama library, natural history collection, and assembly room. It was destroyed by United States Army forces on 4 April 1865. Included are newspaper clippings, memoranda, notes on the history of the campus, placement of buildings, surface surveys, and photographs, as well as material on the Pratt house and Madison and Jefferson Halls.

University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa Scrapbook , 1906-1917 , 1.5 linear feet
The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings of stories about the University of Alabama or her alumni.

Diaries of an Unknown Farmer , 1935-1936 , 0.1 linear feet
An anonymous farmer gives short daily entries on his activities--mostly about working tobacco fields--in two year-long diaries. The diaries are promotional pocket notebooks printed by Planters Exclusive Burley Floor of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Up-To-Date Club records , 1901-2005 , 3.2 linear foot
This collection contains meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence, newspaper articles about, and yearbooks of this Tuscaloosa, Alabama, women's club.

E. E. Upham Letter , 1845 February 21 , one letter
E. E. Upham writes from Bangor, Maine, to Jefferson Lake, Esquire, of Brownville, Maine, requesting that Jefferson Lake provide information regarding the progression of a timber cutting job.

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