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This page contains names of manuscript collections with brief descriptions of them. Highlighted collection names link to finding aids in PDF format that offer more detailed descriptions of the collections. The highlighted collections do not represent all available finding aids at the W.S. Hoole Library. We will add more to the list as we convert our paper finding aids to electronic aids for web presentation.

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Postcard from Mother and Daddy to Mr. and Mrs. Royce Reynolds , 1964 December 30 , 1 postcard
One postcard from Mother and Daddy of Riddle, Oregon, to Mr. and Mrs. Royce Reynolds of Harlan, Iowa. Topics discussed include family, friends, and winter weather.

Poem "Myrtle Love" , Before 1900 , 0.05 linear feet
A poem equating flowers with human virtues by an unknown author.

Louis Moore Paper , 1895 April 13 , 0.1 linear feet
This collection consists of a handwritten memoir of Civil War service by Lou Moore, which was read to the George W. Lennard Post of the Grand Army of the Republic at New Castle, Indiana, on April 13, 1895. It describes Moore's service in the 16th Indiana Infantry Regiment, which was mustered into U.S. service on August 12, 1862. The regiment saw service in the Western theater, including the Battle of Richmond (August 29-30, 1862), the Vicksburg campaign, the Battle of Arkansas Post (January 11, 1863), and the Red River Campaign

Mutt and Jeff Letter , 1920 , 0.1 linear feet
Written from Opossum Station, this anonymous and comical letter expresses concern for Jeff's height, referring to the comic strip Mutt and Jeff which was in syndication from 1907 to 1982.

M. H. Letter , 1866 September 17 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from M. H. to sisters about illness and death.

Letter from M. to Mrs. Allen Haines , 1901 May 14 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from M. in Delaware, Ohio to her sister, Mrs. Allen Haines of Jeffersonville, Ohio about her upcoming visit.

H. M. letter, not dated, 1 letter
A love letter from an unidentified author to his wife or girlfriend, written from Natchez, Mississippi, year unstated.

Letter from Mabel to Ellie , unknown , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written by Mabel to Ellie about her mother's reaction to her elopement and includes a schedule of their travels which will end in Eastport, New York.

Letters from Mabel to Rev. David Segerstrom , 1922-1923 , 4 letters
Mabel, away at a religious camp in Wisconsin, writes of her activities to Rev. David Segerstrom, with whom she has an intimate acquaintance.

Macon County, Alabama, bond book, 1834-1843, 1 item, 1 book
Bonds for public servants and for securing administrators of estates, 1834-43. Includes index of names.

Macon County, Alabama, Department of Health birth , 1920-1929, 3 ledgers
Registers of births in Macon County, Alabama, 1920-29.

M. Madin Letter , 1858 August 11 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from M. Madin, written on 11 August 1858, to his mother regarding the payment of taxes on her property.

Madison County, Alabama, records, 1855-1891, 3 ledgers ; 0.6 linear feet
Records of an 1891 grand jury investigation into road costs, and two ledgers from Robert D. Nelson, notary public in Huntsville recording debts not paid 1855-1858.

Madison County, Alabama, Probate Court records, 1863, 1 volume
Records of the granting of letters testamentary, settling estates and guardianships, and other matters, 1863.

J. J. Magee diary , 1861 , 0.1 linear feet
Civil War diary of Captain J. J. Magee of Company D, Eighth Alabama Infantry.

Letter from Maggie to Carl B. Galloway , 1894 MAy 6 , 0.1 linear feet
Letter from Maggie to Carl B. Galloway of Adair, Iowa about graduating and the health of a friend.

Magnolia Hall contract, circa 1855, 1 item, 12 pieces
Contract between David F. McCrary, builder, and Benjamin F. Parsons, architect, for the construction of Magnolia Hall, Greensboro, Alabama

James Magoffin letter, circa 1830, 1 item, 1 sheet
A letter, ca. 1830, to T. P. Blair, written from Grove Hill, Clark County, Alabama.

W.A. Mair Photographs, 1900-1901, 2 albums (230 photographs)
This collection consit of two photographic albums with 230 photographs. Photographs are depicting various scenes in Michigan, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Monterey, Mexico. Primarily photographs of people. Images convey a clear sense of period fashion. Scenes of wheat harvesting in Michigan, train travels, steamboat travel, and recreational activities. Many shots of churches, religious schools and ministers. Includes street and building scenes in Montgomery, Alabama.

Helen Mallinson Diary , 1937 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains one bound diary with entries offering details of the author's daily life and routine near Olney, Illinois.

Hugh Mallory Letters , 1932 , 0.1 linear feet
Letter written by Hugh Mallory of Selma, Alabama, on August 15, 1932 to an unidentified person asking for names of others in the recipient's community whom Mallory could contact regarding the use of the highways by busses and trucks being operated for personal profit. Also included is a letter to the State Legistlature requesting that body to regulate such usage.

William Malott Rewards of Merit, circa 1900, 2 rewards of merit
The collection contains rewards of merit given to William Malott by his instructor. The rewards have images depicting Biblical stories printed on them.

Letter from Mama , 1937 October 12 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from a mother to her children from Roaring River State Park in Missouri. She and her husband have been fishing while on vacation and she says that the fish are not really biting.

Postcard from Mamey to Howard Harlan, 1918 November 12, 1 postcard
A postcard from Mamey _____ to Howard Harlan Thorne of Buffalo, New York, written while on a trip through Alabama on November 12, 1918.

Carter Manasco papers, 1928-1948, 13 linear feet
Papers of this attorney from Jasper, Alabama, who served in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1941-1949.

William Mancott Letter , 1836 February 19 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from William Mancott of Utica, Ohio, to Kenny Woodward of Annandale, Maryland, about the elevations and vegetation of a tract of land that is for sale.

Margaret Manigault letter, circa 1814, 1 item ; photostats
A letter ca. 1814, from Mrs. Margaret Manigault of Philadelphia to an unknown recipient in Camden, South Carolina.

Manly Family papers , 1818-1930 , 6.8 linear feet
Includes the papers of Basil Manly, president of the University of Alabama, 1837-1855, and a founder of Furman University, which reflect the history of the period as well as his life as theologian and educator. It also contains materials created and gathered by other Manly family members, including his sons Basil and Charles, president of Furman University, 1881-1897.

George Mann, Jr., notebooks, 1930, 3 items, 3 pieces
Miscellaneous items belonging to a civil engineer in Ensley, specifically, pocket notebooks containing construction notes on a Fertilizer plant (1/14/30-3/10/30 and 5/15/30-7/9/30), and a pass to all works of the Tennessee Coal, Iron, and Railroad Co., n.d.

Joseph C. Manning letters , 1902-1912 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters showing Manning's efforts to stop the disenfranchisement of African American voters in Alabama in early twentieth century.

March of Triump musical score, 1931, 1 item, 3 pages
A handwritten score with lyrics of Gabriel Jacoby's composition "March of Triumph," bearing the inscription "Sincerely Dedicated to my Alma Mater The University of Alabama and the Famous Crimson Tide of 1931."

William March papers, 1912-1954, 500 items
A collection of correspondence, reviews, fiction drafts and revisions, typescripts, obituaries, and memorabilia.

Sallie J. Marchbanks Lacy journal abstracts, 1858-1879, 0.25 inch ; photocopies
Transcribed abstracts of the journal of Sallie J. Marchbanks Lacy, a schoolteacher in Lamar County, Alabama. These cover the years 1858-79 and include lists of students, poetry, genealogical notes, and a funeral notice.

Marching Band Photographs, 1938, 3 photographs
Snapshots of marching band on football field, possibly taken at the University of Alabama.

Samuel W. Mardis Letter, 1834 March 13, 1 letter, 4 pages
A letter written by Samuel W. Mardis of Montevallo, Shelby County, Alabama, on March 13, 1834, in reply to a letter published in the Charleston Mercury. The letter also asks F. P. Blair, editor of the Globe, to print it.

Marengo County, Alabama, tax records, 1879, 1 inch ; 1 ledger
1879 list of taxpayers including state, county and poll taxes, tax assessors' fees, and tax collectors' fees.

Marengo County, Alabama, families collection, 1940-1991, 6 items, 53 pieces
Material about families dwelling in Marengo County, Alabama including Jewish families, cemetery surveys, and miscellaneous family records. Copied from material in the Demopolis Public Library.

Marengo County, Alabama, Circuit Court docket, 1844-1848, 1 inch ; 1 ledger
Civil suits docket for the Marengo County, Alabama Circuit Court, 1844-48.

Letter from Margaret to Nancy Bouleware , 1891 December 6 , 0.1 linear foot, 1 letter and 1 envelope
A letter from Margaret, in Litchfield, Illinois, to her sister Nancy, in Pike County, Indiana, consoling Nancy on a death. She discusses the sorrow of losing a loved one and the hope of seeing them again. She plans to visit her sister in the upcoming summer.

J. Marie Postcard, circa 1950, 1 postcard
The collection contains a postcard from J. Marie to Mr. and Mrs. K. Keefe of Cleveland, Ohio. The postcard has Pope Pius XII on the front and says, "God bless you!"

Marines Land North of Reds in Big Oush to Win War Swiftly newspaper article , 1950 September 15 , 1.4 linear feet
Page one of the 15 September 1950 newspaper, "Journal American" stating that the U.S. Marine assault forces had stormed the beaches on Inchon, Korea.

Marion and Cahaba Railroad Company receipt, 1862 April 1, 1 item, 1 piece
A receipt dated 1 April 1862 for freight costs on one horse from J. S. Smith.

Letter from Marion to Irene P. Anderson , 1948 July 9 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Marion to Irene P. Anderson of Hollywood, California about Marion's vacation in Zion National Park, Utah.

Maris Family Letters , 1924 December 29 , 3 letters
Three letters from sisters Anna, Emily, and Mary Maris of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, to relatives Edward and Elizabeth Paxson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, thanking them for Christmas gifts.

Henry Marks notes, 1980-1982, 2 inches ; in part photocopies
Notes on Jewish persons buried in various Alabama cemeteries, and cemetery surveys. The collection also contains a list of Jewish military veterans.

Lewis L. Marks Estate Papers , 1856-1858 , 0.1 linear feet
Legal documents pertaining to the distribution of Lewis L. Marks estate to his heirs. Also present are miscellaneous legal documents belonging to Robert M. Patton, administrator of Marks' estate.

Louis Marsalis Letter, 1898 July 21, 1 letter and 1 envelope
This is a letter from Louis Marsalis, a soldier during the Spanish American War, to his sister. He writes about life at his Army camp, thanks her for the box she sent, and hopes she is doing well.

Marshall County, Alabama, court records, 1844-1853, 1868-1885, 3 inches; ledgers
Ledgers from the Marshall County Commissioners Court (1844-1853) and Marshall County Court (1868-1885), detailing orders and executions, financial accounts, and appointments.

Marshall County, Alabama, court minutes, 1851-1859, 4 inches ; 2 ledgers
This collection contains records from the Circuit Court, including citations for court appearances, letters of administration, petitions for dismissal from estate administration, and Commissioners court records, including road and ferry overseers, contracts, support of paupers, and other details.

John Marshall Letter , 1818 July 14 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter written by John Marshall on 14 July 1818, to Ann Willis about money sent to pay the tuition for Marshall's children.

T. A. Marshall letter, 1861 March 13, 1 letter
Letter from T.A. Marshall, lawyer, to unnamed female relative concerning her inheritance from a Mr. Wall or Walls, 13 March 1861.

F. P. Martin letters, 1862-1864, 3 items ; photocopies
Typed transcriptions of letters from Martin to his wife in Coffee County, Alabama, during the Civil War.

Joshua L. Martin Commissions, 1845 December 15 & 29, EXTENT
Two printed commissions signed by Alabama Governor Joshua L. Martin commissioning Matthew W. Steele as Aide-de-Camp to the general and commander in chief of the State Militia.

Thomas Martin deed, 1830 September 6, 1 item
A deed dated 6 September 1830, by Thomas Martin of Montgomery County, Alabama to Samuel Quarles, for land in Montgomery County, Alabama.

Letter from Martin to Julia C. Glasscock, 1866 July 19, .2 inches
A letter dated 19 July 1866 to Miss Julia C. Glasscock of Tuscaloosa, Alabama from Martin _?. Mentions Selma, Philadelphia, and New York.

Charles Marx Deposition , 1852 March 24 , 0.1 linear feet
The deposition of Charles Marx, taken at the office of Sidney S. Baxter in Richmond, Virginia with William F. Watson acting as notary. Mr. Marx explains the results of the use of a new plough.

Letter from Mary to Mother , circa 1980 , 0.05 linear feet, 1 letter, 2 pages
The collection contains one letter from Mary, who is away at camp, to her mother.

Mary Lee Coal and Railway Company financial records, 1893, ledger (9 leaves)
Net earnings of this Alabama company for 1893, from sales of coal and coke, investments in property, and railroad operations.

Letter from Mary to Elisha Conklin , circa 1855 March 12 , 1 letter
Mary in New York writes to brother Elisha Conklin of Cayuga, New York, requesting a family visit and detailing their friends' or family members' travel to California, possibly during the Gold Rush.

Letter from Mary to Her Cousin , 1879 May 21 , 1 letter
Mary writes from Meredith, New York, to to her cousin in Nunda Station, Livingston County, New York. She describes the advanced illness of someone referred to as "Dr." A baby is also discussed.

Letter from Mary to Naomi , unknown , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Mary to Naomi about two women who are new to the facility and mentions the illnesses of several friends.

Reverend Father Aurelius Maschio Letter , 1950 October 24 , 0.1 linear feet
Reverend Father Aurelius Maschio of Matunga, Bombay, India, writes to the proprietor of Holland's Jewelry Store in Moline, Illinois, requesting a donation for the "poor victims of the earthquake and the floods" in India. Letter typed on air mail stationery.

M. A. Mason letter, 1857 July 19, 1 item
A letter dated 19 July 1857, from Hamburg, Arkansas, to someone named "Liz." It discusses crops, widowhood, baby, and the isolation of farm life.

Masonic Order records, 1909-1921, 2 linear inches (ledger)
Records of Masonic lodges,1909-21, including the names of some members in Alabama.

Thomas Mathews Letter , 1839 May 20 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Thomas Mathews of England, to his friend, Robert John Black of Rushville, Fairfield County, Ohio, about his travels from England to America and about family left behind.

Letter from Matilda to Sallie, circa 1864, 1 item
A letter written from "Cedar Hills," ca. 1864, to her sister, Sallie. It discusses their brother in the 17th Mississippi Regiment, crops, and her children.

Thomas C. Matson Letter , 1873 , 0.1 linear feet
Letter, written in 1873, from Thomas C. Matson to his nephew (no location is given). The letter discusses the death of a loved one and crop prices. Many words are spelled phonetically.

Matthews Family Papers , 1904-1931 , 10 Letters and 1 greeting card
The Matthews Family Papers contain letters written to and from members of the W. B. Matthews family in Atlanta and contains one recommendation letter from W. E. B. DuBois.

John Matthews land records, 1836-1856, 41 items
Papers pertaining to the land purchases of John Mathews, a Sumter Coutny, Alabama planter between 1836 and 1856.

Captain Clarence Mauck Letters , 1865 , 0.1 linear feet
This collection contains four letters from Gravelly Springs, Alabama pertaining to ordinance returns and bills for Captain Clarence Mauck of the 4th U.S. Cavalry.

Maupin Family genealogy, 1900, 1 inch (ledger)
A genealogy of the Maupin family, beginning with Gabriel Maupin of France, who lived in England and came to America around 1710. His descendants lived in Virginia and other southern states.

Joel Maxon Letter , 1861 , 0.1 linear feet
This is an 1861 letter from Joel Maxon to friends or relatives. He inquires about the well-being of several friends and relatives.

Maxwell Hall, University of Alabama collection, 1930-1965, 2.5 inches ; papers
Newspaper articles, correspondence, and papers regarding the history of the "Old Observatory," now Maxwell Hall, on the University of Alabama Campus. This structure was built at recommendation of Dr. Frederick A. P. Barnard, later of Columbia University. The papers deal with subjects including efforts to preserve and repair the building, and the whereabouts of the original telescope.

Fred Maxwell Photograph, circa 1930s, 1 photograph
Black and white photograph of George Hutcheson Denny and Fred Maxwell (possibly) with group of unidentified people.

Fred R. Maxwell, Jr., papers, 1917-1980, 323 items, some photocopies
The papers of a mechanical engineer and University of Alabama professor. The largest portion of the material (nearly 200 items) concerns the restoration of Tannehill Furnace. The collection also contains writings on Alabama.

Luther Maxwell papers , 1921-1931 , 4.5 linear feet
Personal and business papers of this Tuscaloosa merchant, 1921-31.

Thomas Maxwell papers, 1852-1865, 1 inch ; typescript
Letters, texts of speeches about the importance of railroads for the economic development of the Birmingham-Tuscaloosa area (1855), and abstracts of the journal of this early Tuscaloosa businessman.

Lewis May letter, 1808 November, 1item
November 1808 letter to Colonel Benjamin Hawkins, U.S. agent to the Creek Indians in Alabama and Georgia, regarding a claim for compensation for a stolen horse.

Sara Mayfield papers, 1905-1972, circa 3,945 items
Alabama author (Montgomery and Tuscaloosa) and foreign correspondent. Letters, African American folk songs and recordings, plays, novels, short stories and articles. Includes ca. 175 papers (principally press releases) from the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace (Mexico City, 1945). Correspondents include H. L. and Sara Mencken, Joseph Hergesheimer, Jim Tully, and Robert Hillyer.

Maysville, Alabama, Methodist Church Circuit records, 1880-1889, 2 record books
This collection consists of two record books for the Maysville Circuit Methodist Conference. They contain meeting minutes and financial notes. The first book begins on April 10, 1880 and ends in 1884. Two pages, dated 22 July and 29 August 1891 have been inserted. The second book begins in 1885 and ends on December 9, 1889.

Maysville, Alabama, General Store Purchase Records , 1869 , 1 ledger, 157 pages
A record of purchases from a general store in Maysville, Madison County, Alabama, 1869.

Robert B. McAfee letter of emancipation, 1813 March 2, 1 letter
A letter by Robert B. McAfee, emancipating a slave named Cornelius, Mercer County, [Kentucky], 2 March 1813.

B. F. McAtle Letter , 1876 January 18 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from B. F. McAtle of Reading, Pennsylvania, to A. O. Hewitt of Bainbridge, Ohio, to settle the estate of Ms. Pepple.

P. H. McBride letter, 1863, 1 item, 2 sheets ; photocopy
An 1863 letter from Columbia, Tennessee, to his wife and children, while serving in an unnamed Confederate regiment under General N. B. Forrest.

Jessie McCabe Letter , 1957 July 29 , 1 letter
One letter written by Packard's Resort owner Jessie McCabe of Crandon, Wisconsin, to Gerald Von Seeger of Morton, Illinois, in response to his reservation request.

Daniel T. McCall Photographs, 1883-1887, 5 items
Letter dated February 4, 1883, addressed to "Dear Friend," describes experiences as a sophomore at the University of Alabama. Also contains 4 photos of McCall and friends in cadet uniform

Doy L. McCall daybooks, 1845-1910, 88 items
Collected by McCall, these daybooks of an unknown firm with locations in Lower Peach Tree, Wilcox County, Alabama, and Sunny South, Alabama, list daily transactions. Collection also includes a variety of material relating to the history of Alabama.

Emmett N. McCall papers, 1874-1944, 7 linear feet
Financial records and ledgers of McCall's Dixonville Racket Store, a general store in the Brewton, Escambia County, Alabama, area. Also includes correspondence, Mormon church records, mortgage deeds, and cotton acreage allotments

Willard McCall correspondence and records, 1881-1938, 1 linear foot
The records of an Alabama attorney, 1881-1938, including land transactions in Jefferson County, Alabama, the disposition of the estate of T.A. McLaughlin, and suits against utilities.

Joseph McCance letter, circa 1920, 1 letter
Collection contains a type-written letter from Joseph McCance to the members of the Yale Glee and Banjo Clubs discussing the dress and behavioral guidelines for an upcoming trip.

J. M. McCandless Letter , 1850 March 21 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter to J. M. McCandless from E. A. Yewman, written on 21 March 1850, about various friends and acquaintances.

Lamar McCarty Photographs, 1938, 12 photographs
Black nad white photographs taken of homecoming festevities at University of Alabama, showing floats and decorates fraternity houses, probably taken by McCarty, University of Alabama student and graduate (1938). Also one photograph of Frank Thomas, and one of Dr. George Hytcheson Denny.

Letter to Mrs. E McClain , 1904 September 23 , 1 letter, 1 envelope
Letter to Mrs. E. McClain in Iowa City, Iowa, from an unknown creator, possibly her husband. Letter discusses an upcoming trip and family matters.

Letter to Mrs. E___ McClain, 1904 September 23, 1 letter
Letter from an unknown creator to Mrs. E. McClain. Written on "The Grant Club Des Moines" stationery.

Ellen G. McClaire Letter , 1907 February 9 , 1 letter
Ellen G. McClaire of Coefax, Iowa, writes to husband E. McClaire, a judge, at the State House in Des Moines, Iowa. Mentions living quarters and shopping with daughter, Gwendolyn.

Jack McCleary diary, 1863, 1 diary, 1 photo, 1 letter
Civil War diary by a Pennsylvania soldier. The diary begins on January 1, 1863 and includes daily entries until McCleary's death during the battle of Gettysburg. Entries remark upon day to day activities and duties, weather and housing conditions, movement orders, leadership changes, and rumors concerning the war. McCleary's unit was stationed at Belle Plain, Virginia until late April, when it began moving to the Chancellorsville area on the Rappahannock River. In June, McCleary discussed the march that would lead him to Gettysburg. The collection also contains a photo of McCleary and a letter dated 25 February 1864, notifying John McCleary that his brother's tombstone will be placed once the ground thaws.

James H. McCleary Diary, Letter, and Photograph , 1862-1864 , 0.1 linear feet
Collection includes a photograph, letter, and diary of a Civil War soldier from Pennsylvania, who died during the battle of Gettysburg.

James White McClung papers, 1820-1891, 1,288 items
This collection includes the personal and business papers of James White McClung (1798-1848) and members of his family.

Mildred McCollum diary , 1933-1937 , 0.04 linear feet
Diary of young woman in Depression-era Alabama.

James R. McConochin Letter , 1827 December 3 , 1 letter
Dr. James R. McConochin of Murfreesborough, perhaps in Tenneessee, writes to brother-in-law Daniel J. Glaughter at the Culpeper Court House, Virginia, of his wife's illness, his medical practice, and the search for a new servant.

Thomas Chalmers McCorvey essay on Robert Burns, 1878 November 11, 1 item
An essay on Scottish poet Robert Burns delivered by Colonel Thomas C. McCorvey to the Druid City Literary Club, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 11 November 1878.

McCorvey-Tutwiler Families papers, 1830-1969, 2 record center boxes, 1 1/2 Hollinger box, scrapb
A collection of correspondence, clippings, scrapbooks, and photographs.

David F. McCrary contract, 1855, 1 item ; photocopies
1855 contract between David F. McCrary, builder, and Benjamin F. Parson, architect, for specifications for and construction of a plantation home in Greensboro, Alabama.

McCrossin Photographs, , 109 photographs and negatives
This collection is a part of a manuscript collection which has 47 unprocessed boxes, including 3 boxes with photographs, negatives and film.

D. McCulloch and Sons letters, circa 1885, 3 letters
This collection contains three letters sent to D. McCulloch and Sons in Louisville, Kentucky. The letters all discuss shipments of various goods such as cloth and molasses.

A. B. McDaniel journals and scrapbook, 1858-1927, .5 linear foot; 4 ledgers, scrapbooks, photos
A journal of trips to Europe and western U.S., newspaper clippings about U.S. Army aviators and a flight around South America 1926, photographs, postcards, ticket stubs, and family letters

H. B. McDaniel papers and photographs, 1904-1936, 24 items
Miscellaneous papers and photographs, including letters of recommendation, photographs of construction of Smith Hall, McLester Hotel, and business cards, of this constructor of several buildings on the University of Alabama campus.

Clarence E. and Minnie McDermaid Correspondence , 1919-1975 , 2.1 linear feet
This collection mainly contains correspondence from Emma O. Lundberg to her nephew Clarence McDermaid planning his college path and discussing events in her everyday life, family and friends, trips, and holidays. There is a large amount of general correspondence from Katharine Lenroot to both Minnie and Clarence consisting of holiday cards and letters discussing daily events, family members, and the illnesses of Emma Lundberg. Emma Lundberg and Katharine Lenroot were both child welfare activist and were pioneers in this field. They mention work in Washington D.C. and Wisconsin involving this field.

Ellen McDowell legal document, 1845-69, 1 legal document
A legal document detailing sums owed to Ellen McDowell by Woodford McDowell for slave hire, farm rental, and other services, Bullitt County, Kentucky

John McDowell financial statement, 1871 September 25, 1 financial statement
A financial statement by John McDowell detailing sums owed for the hire of slaves owed by Emily McDowell during the 1840s, 25 September 1871.

F. John McDuffie papers, 1907-1951, 9.5 linear feet
Consists mostly of correspondence between this Alabama congressman and other politicians. Also includes newsclippings, European travel guidebooks, speech transcriptions, 4 photos, 13 books, and 13 scrapbooks.

E. O. McElroy papers , 1938-1948 , 0.2 linear feet
Ten U.S. postal service railroad mail service directories for several southeastern states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas; letters, postal rating exams, etc.

Kevin McElvaney Yearbook , 1979 , 0.1 linear feet
This is the yearbook of Kevin McElvaney, graduating senior and football player from Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Louisville, Kentucky.

Larry T. McGehee manuscript, 1977-1978, 1 inch; typescript
Typescript of a novel manuscript titled "Weathering," sent to University of Alabama English Department Professor O. B. Emerson for a critique.

John S. McGraw letters, 1865, 15 items
Letters from this soldier in the 57th Indiana Volunteers, stationed near Huntsville, Alabama, to his wife and daughter in Richmond, Indiana, January 1 to March 29, 1865. They describe winter quarters and the city of Huntsville after it had been partially burned.

Henry Leroy McGriff farm journals , 1898-1951 , 0.8 linear feet
Ledgers documenting the farm inventory, taxes, profits and losses, as well as mortgages, title abstracts, and related documents

E. McHardy Letter , 1873 May 4 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from E. McHardy to John Holt about the death of John's wife.

David McIlroy Photographs, 1986, 10 photographs
Color snapshots identified as "Ramsey Party 1986," held at University of Alabama University Club.

John McKee papers, 1826-1827, 2 items
A letter to Secretary of the Navy Samuel Southard, recommending the appointment of Henry Francis Toulmin as midshipman. The collection also contains two other letters by McKee and a payroll list of Choctaw Indians who served in the Creek War.

W. H. McKliny letter, 1846 April 28, 1 letter
Letter from W. H. McKliny in Wetupka, Alabama, to his business partner L. H. Hamilton in New York City

Raymond McLain Photograph, , 1 photograph
Black and white photograph of Raymond McLain.

Raymond F. and Beatrice K. McLain greeting card and postcard collection , 1949-1971 , 0.4 linear feet
Greeting cards and postcards to and from Raymond and Beatrice "Bicky" McLain during their time in Cairo, Egypt.

Archibald McLaughlin papers, 1854-1870, 19 items ; 2.5 inches, .2 linear foot
Correspondence, 1860-1869, and diaries, 1854-1870, of this North Carolina native who settled in Upper Peach Tree, Wilcox County.

Melton A. McLaurin and Michael V. Thomson book mock-up, 1872-1917, .2 linear foot; photocopies
A "Cut" book: the preproduction layout for this book of photographs published by the University of Alabama Press

Harold M. McLemore Photographs, circa 1980, 1 album (116 photographs)
Scrapbook compiled by Harold McLemore (UA, BA '80) of nineteenth-century Alabama courthouses in Lee, St. Clair, Talladega, Perry, Coosa, Wilcox, Bullock, Greene, Lowndes, Chambers, Colbert and Pickens counties. Photographs are accompanied by stories and newspaper clippings regarding various courthouses.

R. C. McLester letter, 1863, 1 item, 1 piece
An 1863 letter to E. A. Powell concerning the admission of his son Henry McLester to the University of Alabama's Corps of Cadets.

Samuel McMahan Treason Indictment and Summonses , 1865-1868 , 0.1 linear feet
Consists of one indictment of treason issued by the State of Tennessee Circuit Court for Samuel M. McMahan and 13 summonses for McMahan that were sent to the Sherriff of Sevier County, Tennessee, between the years of 1865 and 1868.

Mag McMillan Letter , 1889 March 12 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written by Mag McMillan of West Union, West Virginia, to a friend about the mumps and consumption.

Robert McMillan Letter , 1861 , 0.1 linear feet
An 1861 letter to Governor Joseph E. Brown of Georgia from Robert McMillan discussing the organization of ten companies from Georgia, as well as copies of two additional letters written on the same piece of paper; one written by McMillan and the other by an unknown author, written to Senator Ira Foster.

William McMilliam petition and report, 1830-1831, 3 items, 22 pieces
The report of the naturalist hired by the trustees of the University of Alabama to acquire specimens for the proposed Museum of Natural History. It includes a list of specimens acquired, proposals for further acquisitions and collection development, and a request for additional funding.

Spencer J. McMorris daybook , 1837 , 1 inch; ledger
Records of daily sales in a general store in Lafayette, Chambers County, Alabama, 1837.

R. E. McMurray Letters , 1943-1946 , 16 letters
Collection contains letters from Lieutenant Colonel R.E. McMurray to his wife in Hobart, Indiana, during World War Two. The letters were sent from New York, Alabama, Italy, and Japan and discuss military life, the McMurray family, health, and religion.

Pearl McMurry Letters , 1947, 1959, 1964 , 3 letters
Three letters sent to Pearl McMurry of Corydon, Iowa, from various old acquaintances and military friends across Iowa and Texas contain mostly personal updates.

Anita L. "Netta" Tutwiler papers, 1884-1964, 25 items, 63 pieces
This collection contains a journal written by Henrietta "Netta" Tutwiler McCorvey while living in Huntsville and Tuscaloosa (1868-1882), poetry, clippings, correspondence, and other material.

S. A. McPherson papers, 1920-1929, 14 items
Notes by McPherson while a theological student at Payne University, a college for African Americans founded in 1889 by the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Selma, Alabama, and copies of three commencement addresses at Attalla, Etowah County, and Thomas, Jefferson County, Alabama Public Schools.

J. P. McQueen letterbook, 1887-1888, ledger
A letterbook containing copies of the correspondence of attorney J. P. McQueen to legal clients and others.

John C. McRae papers, 1854-1893, 9 items
This collection contains financial papers and a presidential pardon.

McTyeire Family papers, circa 1889- 1939, 2 items, 10 pieces
The memorial of Rev. Holland Nimmons McTyeire (1824-1889), D.D., Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Bishop and a 1939 letter from University of Florida President John J. Tigert referring to the John McTyeire plantation site in Russell County, Alabama.

Tom McVey Photographs, 1897-1898, 2 photographs
Collection consists of cabinet photographs of Brett Rutledge Brown Alpha Tau Omega class of 1898 University of Alabama in Birmingham, and Johns Rather Jr. Kappa Alpha class of 1897 University of Alabama. Gift of Tom McVey August 18, 1989.

McWhorter Family Papers , 1822-1952 , 0.1 linear feet
Contains a biographical sketch of A.M. McWhorter (1828-1892), of Cherokee County, Alabama, the 1822 marriage announcement of A.A. McWhorter and Sarah Smith of Coosawda, Alabama, and a newspaper clipping of the 1952 McWhorter family reunion in Blount County, Alabama.

McWilliams Family Papers , 1894 , 0.1 linear feet
Contains a letter from and two biographical sketches of the Andrew L. McWilliams family of Jefferson County, Alabama.

W. M. Meadows Pay Records, 1919, 12 pay records, 3 sheets of calculations
Pay records, from Brookside-Pratt Mining Company of Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, from January through December 1919, for W. M. Meadows as well as 3 pages of calculations.

John Medinos Letter , 1944 January 18 , 1 letter
This collection contains one letter from John C. Medinos, stationed at the Sampson Naval Training Station in New York, to his future brother-in-law Herbert Dessert of Fall River, Massachusetts. He told Dessert he had gotten a military haircut and his training was not too hard.

Benjamin Franklin Meek papers, 1872-1873, 1 volume
A volume of lectures, notes, and examinations by this University of Alabama professor of English literature.

Joseph Meek and C. Haynes letters , 1835-1837 , 0.1 linear feet
Ten letters from Meek and one from Haynes to Samuel Logan of Abingdon, VA, 1835-37, relating, to among other things, slave dealing.

Samuel Mills Meek, Jr., papers, 1842-1928, 5 linear feet
Correspondence, diaries, speeches, scrapbooks, and account books pertaining to Alabama native and Mississippi attorney who served with the 35th Mississippi Regiment, Company H, CSA.

Sterner St. Paul Meek papers, 1910-1962, .5 linear feet, 1 book
This collection includes letters, manuscript drafts and reviews of novels, newspaper clippings, and bound a tearsheet collection.

Letter Fragment from Melinda to her sister , After August 1857 , 0.05 linear feet
A letter fragment from Melinda to her sister discussing various friends and family, as well as the 1857 economic depression caused by the failure of the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company.

Melpothalian Society records, 1836-1844, .4 linear foot; ledger
This collection contains an account of the society's proceedings, a list of members, and a note for $5,000 to W. P. Douthit dated Oct. 15, 1844.

E.F. Mendendall paper , 1895 , 0.1 linear feet
This collection contains a paper by E.F. Mendenhall titled "From School Room to Army," read to the Grand Army of the Republic George W. Lennard post in New Castle, Indiana, on 8 June 1895. Mendenhall was a soldier in the 101st Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment. The regiment saw extensive service in the Western theater, including the Battle of Chickamauga, the siege of Chattanooga, and Sherman's "March to the Sea." These events, however, are only mentioned in passing in Mendenhall's very brief paper.

Meriwether Family Papers , 1833-1864 , 0.4 linear feet
Family letters written by Juliet Bestor Coleman, her daughter, Alice Coleman Meriwether and her son-in-law, John Samuel Meriwether, between 1833 and 1864. The bulk of the correspondence is between Alice and her husband, John, while he was serving in the 38th and 40th Alabama Infantry Regiments during the Civil War.

Zachary Meriwether papers, 1819 - 1857, .4 linear foot
Papers of a Greene County, Alabama, physician and plantation owner.

Merrimack Baptist Church records, 1903-1909, .4 linear foot, (1 ledger)
A ledger containing the church roll, 1903-1909; meeting minutes, 1903-1908; and scattered financial records, 1904-1906, 1909 of this African-American church in Huntsville, Alabama

Augustus and Nelia Merriman Letters , 1894-1900 , 6 letters
The collection contains six letters sent to and from Augustus Merriman and his wife Nelia, of Harpswell, Maine. Most letters, written to Nelia by various relatives, discuss family news and gossip, and two letters are from Augustus to Nelia.

Methodist Episcopal Church, North Alabama Conference, records, 1880-1889, 0.4 linear foot
Records of the quarterly conference meetings of this Methodist Episcopal Church, South, circuit in Madison County, Alabama, including lists of new members, baptisms, and deaths.

Methodist Episcopal Church, South Russellville District, records, 1926-1930, 0.4 linear foot
Record of the annual conference of this northwest Alabama circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Records of numbers of members gained, lost, new Sunday schools, and etc.Record of the annual conference of this northwest Alabama circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, including numbers of members gained and lost, new Sunday schools established, and other information.

Margaret Ann Simison Michael family papers, 1861-1921, 1 item, 46 pieces
A collection of letters and papers, including family correspondence, plus excerpts from the diary of Murray Michael, 1883-1884. Transcribed and edited, with explanatory notes by an unidentified descendant.

Michel Family Papers , 1939-1951 , 0.1 linear feet
Contains one handwritten biography of Dr. Richard Fraser Michel and three letters to various members of the Michel family regarding deaths, portraits, and rooms for rent.

Seabei Middlebrook memoir, 1964, 1 item; 53 pieces
Memoir describing life after the Civil War

Letter from Miles to Sister and Brother , 1885 May 28 , (one letter)
A letter to Sister and Brother discussing daily life.

Miller farm journal, 1919-1922, 1 farm journal, 179 pages
Collection contains one farm journal kept by the Millers. The journal includes tasks completed in both the AM and the PM.

C. H. Miller store records , 1891-1910 , 13 ledgers, 2 letters
General merchandise store records, including ledgers, daybooks, and correspondence from a business located in Miller, Marengo County, Alabama.

Caroline Miller Autograph Book , 1884-1893 , one autograph book
Contains one autograph book owned by Caroline Miller of Palmyra, Indiana. The book is signed by various friends and family members from Palmyra and other cities in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Most signatures are accompanied by short rhyming poems.

David Miller promissory note, 1818 June 1, 1 item, piece
A receipt dated 1 June 1818, recording a debt to Kirkman and Jackson of Huntsville, Alabama, owed by Miller, who lived at the falls of the Black Warrior River (later Tuscaloosa, Alabama).

George A. Miller papers, 1927-1937, 11 items
Various materials on this Birmingham interpreter of African-American songs, including excerpts from a Confederate Memorial Day address he gave, an invitation to a rehearsal of "The Little Tycoon," an opera in two acts, original arrangements of several songs, a clipping of an article by him, a concert program, and other items.

Jennie W. Miller Letters , 1920-1924 , 4 letters
The Jennie W. Miller Letters are from different writers and discuss Millers influence as a Sunday school teacher; her encouragement of the first African American male (Ray Greenfield) admitted to Dartmouth College; her influence over a boy who does not want to participate in graduation exercises; and her kindness in taking in another woman's son.

John M. Miller papers, circa 1947, 2 items
Two political broadsides relating to John M. Miller's campaign for the office of mayor of Cordova, Alabama, possibly in 1947.

Mary Miller Diary , 1944-1948 , 0.1 linear feet
Five-year diary of Mary Miller of Topeka, Indiana, dating from 1 January 1944 through 31 December 1948.

Percy C. Miller Letters , 1916-1919 , 0.1 linear feet
Enlisted private and machine gun instructor, Percy C. Miller, writes to Miss Louise Ehlert of Dundee, Illinois, about life on the airfield bases in Florida, Ohio and California, various entertainments, his education in airplane machine guns, a camp quarantine due to "Spanish Influenza," and various airplane accidents.

Ruth Miller Letter , 1916 September , 1 letter
Contains one letter written by Ruth Miller of Adelphi, Iowa, to a friend. She discussed family and school news.

T. L. Miller Letter , 1914 October 13 , 0.05 linear feet
A single letter from T. L. Miller of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, to A. P. Gale, of Wonewoc, Wisconsin, about the renewal of a certificate.

Washington Daniel Miller letter and photograph, 1833 July 12, 3 items, 7 pieces
A letter dated 12 July 1883, to his sister, Caroline Miller, about examinations of students at Tuscaloosa Female Academy, the examination of the senior class at the University of Alabama, and his recent activities in Tuscaloosa. The collection also contains photograph of Miller copied from the original at the University of Texas Institute of Texas Culture

Pres[?] Mills letter, 1851 November 9, 1 letter
A letter from Pres (?) Mills, postmarked Bowling Green, Kentucky and dated 9 November 1851, to his wife Margaret in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Milner Family papers , 1883-1952 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters and documents of members of the Milner family of Columbia, Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Isaac Milner Civil War Pass from British Government , 1864 May 11 , 0.1 linear feet (1 certificate, 1 page)
This collection consists of a British pass for English citizen Isaac Milner, who lived in Lauderdale County, Alabama. The pass was issued by the British government, and it allowed him to pass through Union lines.

Maclin R. Milner Papers , 1929-1945 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to and from Maclin (Mac) R. Milner, primarily while he was a cadet at the Chemical Warfare Service at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland.

William Joseph Mims papers, 1886-1924, 7 iyems (photos)
Material on Mims' family history and materials relating to Weevilnip Company of Macon, Georgia. The collection includes correspondence with the U.S. Department of Agriculture relating to false labeling, as well as company advertising. The collection also contains two small notepads, one with notes on teaching and one with notes on history, boll weevils, and other subjects.

Jonathon A. Minnice letter, 1846 July 27, 1 item, 2 pieces ; typescript
A letter dated 27 July 1846, from Gainsville, Alabama to Price Williams, Livingston, Alabama, seeking information on claims of Daniel Scott.

Evelyn Minor letter , 1945 November 17 , 0.05 linear feet
Contains letter from University of Alabama Recorder, Teresa Pradat, advising Minor that her application to attend UA has been accepted.

William H. Minot papers , 1865 , 4 items
This collection contains pages from Minot's Civil War diary (January-March, 1865), discharge papers, an 1865 edition of Webster's Pocket Dictionary, and a letter regarding a reunion of the 22nd Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. The diary entries describe a few months Minot's service along the coast of the Carolinas.

Miscellaneous Genealogies , after 1950 , 0.2 linear feet (3 inches)
Miscellaneous genealogies of various Alabama families

Miscellaneous Envelopes Collection , 1866-1945 , 0.2 linear feet
Collection of empty miscellaneous envelopes.

Mississippi Governor's Office commission, 1944, 1 item, 1 piece
A commission for Neville as colonel and aid-de-camp [sic], governor's staff, effective January 1944, signed by Missisiippi Governor Thomas L. Bailey.

Mississippi Territory court records, 1810-1816, 2 Hollinger boxes
This collection consists of circuit court records, 1810-1812, the criminal docket of the territorial court, 1810-1816, and the execution docket of the territorial superior circuit court, 23rd district, 1812-1815.

James E. Misslay Letter , 1843 August 23 , 1 letter
James E. Misslay of Potosi, Missouri, writes to uncle Nathan Beadle of Lewiston, Illinois, about his recovery from illness.

Letter from Missy to Alice , circa 1935 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter, circa 1935, written by Missy to "little Alice," discussing the Girl Scouts, school, and a wedding. She also mentions driving to Sistersville, West Virginia, and Ellenboro, West Virginia.

Columbum W. Mitchell Philomathic Society Diploma , 1835 August 6 , 1.0 linear feet
Diploma awarded to Columbum W. Mitchell in 1835, by the Philomathic Society of The University of Alabama.

L.P. Mitchell paper , 1895 , 0.1 linear feet
This collection consists of a handwritten memoir written by L.P. Mitchell, describing his life, both growing up in Indiana and in the Army, which was read to the George W. Lennard post of the Grand Army of the Republic, New Castle, Indiana, on 14 June 1895. Mitchell may have served in the 139th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, whose service consisted of nothing more strenuous than guarding railroads in Tennessee and Alabama during the war's latter months.

Thomas Emanuel Mitchell, 1887 November 21, 0.2 inch ; 3 p., holographs
A note of friendship dated 21 November 1887, between members of two different fraternities (Sigma Nu and Alpha Tau Omega) at the University of Alabama.

William Nazareth Mitchell letters, 1862, 1 item, 78 leaves ; photocopy
Typescript and illustrations for the book, "Civil War Letters of William Nazareth Mitchell," edited by his grandson, William C. Etherton. The letters were written to Mitchell's wife, Rachel Caroline Mitchell, while he was serving in Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, and north Alabama. The original letters are at the University of Illinois, Carbondale.

Letter to Henry Holman Mize , 1932 December 12 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter to Henry Holman Mize discussing Judge James J. Mayfield of Tuscaloosa.

Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company debt consolidation agreement, 1876 October 1, 1 item, 7 leaves
A debt consolidation agreement for the readjustment of the securities of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, and the appointment of administrators

Mobile Terminal and Railway Company circular, circa 1911, 1 item
This collection consists of a prospectus and preliminary circular for the Mobile Terminal and Railway Company, with the details of the company and bonds that would mature on 1 September 1935.

Mobile, Alabama, Police Department records, 1865-1869, 1,316 items
This collection consists of alphabetically arranged employment applications from discharged soldiers, other applications for positions on the police force, bills and receiptsc correspondence with city officers, and other items. It includes the correspondence of chiefs of police Stephen Charpentier and A. A. R. Dimon.

Mobile, Alabama, Parks papers, 1946, 1.25 inches; 3 booklets
Specifications and requirements for two new city parks, Crawford and Lyon, and the Ernest F. Ladd football stadium.

A. R. Moen letter, 1831 May 31, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 31 May 1831, from Greensboro, Hale County, Alabama, to M. P. Collins of Collins and Company, Hartford, Connecticut. It reports on businesses in various towns along the Warrior and Tombigbee Rivers and the axes they stock, noting which sell Collins and Company's goods and which do not.

Charles Theodor Mohr correspondence, 1878-1906, circa 700 items
Letters to and replies from Dr. Eugene Allen Smith, director of the Alabama State Geological Survey, regarding the identification and cataloging of the plant life, forest reserves and mineral wealth of Alabama. The collection also includes some correspondence with family members.

M. Moll, Jr. Document , 1868 October 30 , 0.1 linear feet
Written in German, this document is addressed to M. Moll, Jr. and a translation is not available at this time.

Letter from Molli to her husband , 1886 July 27 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Molli, of St. Paul, Minnesota, to her husband while he is away from home telling him that she has set up their new home and has been receiving visitors.

Letter from Molly to W. M. Jones , 1894 July 11 , (one partial letter)
Part of a letter from Molly to W. M. Jones of Lacey, Arkansas. She discusses who other people will be boarding with.

The Molton Apartments, Birmingham, Alabama, Year 1913 , 1913 , 0.1 linear feet
Booklet about the Molton Apartments in Birmingham, Alabama, built in 1913, describing the apartments and their conveniences.

Letters from Momma to Virginia Parrott , 1903 , 0.1
Virginia Parrot's mother writes to her in Denmark, South Carolina, and gives her advice on handling "mean" school children. She also mentions a local grade school fundraiser, the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, and daily life at home.

John L.W. Monenntly[?] paper , 1895 , 0.1 linear feet
An 1895 paper by John L. W. Monenntly[?] praising Indiana's military contributions to the Civil War, 1861-1865.

Montgomery County, Alabama, deed record book , 1863-1878 , 0.04 linear feet
Record book listing deeds made, executed, and delivered in Montgomery County, Alabama.

Montgomery, Alabama, tax digest, 1853, 1857, 1868, 3 items (2 inches) (2 volumes)
Record of owners of real estate, valuation, taxable personal property (gold and silver watches, metal and wood clocks, horses, carriages, and servants) and amount of tax, 1853 and 1857. A registry of bonds issued by the South and North Alabama Rail Road Company (1868) is laid in the volume for 1853.

Montgomery, Alabama, Chamber of Commerce civic booster book, 1937, 1 book
A 1937 civic booster publication of the Montgomery, Alabama Chamber of Commerce entitled "Yesterday and Today: Montgomery, City of Progress."

Montgomery, Alabama, cemetery register, 1856-1878, 1.0 inch (ledger)
A record of the sale of lots in the Montgomery, Alabama, city cemetery, 1856-78. Sales were entered in a “Registration Oath” ledger. Also includes a sample deed.

Montgomery-New England Trip account, 1930, 1 notebook
A handwritten account by an unknown author of a car trip from Montgomery to New England and back again during the summer of 1930.

University of Alabama, Frank M. Moody Music Building articles , 1987-1988 , 0.05 linear feet
Articles covering the construction and dedication of the Frank M. Moody Music Building on the University of Alabama campus in 1987 and 1988.

Moody Music Photographs, January 15, 1988, 42 photographs
Color photographs taken at opening gala of Moody Music Building, The University of Alabama. Scenes include ceremony, crowd, and individuals in attendance.

John Moohr Letters , 1972-1973 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to and from John Moohr of Chicago, Illinois, a stamp collector and dealer, about collection prices, specifically Ethiopian stamps.

Moore Glass Company financial records, 1958, 1 item, ledger (1 inch)
A short record of work performed by a Birmingham, Alabama glass company in 1958.

Andrew B. Moore Letter and Clipping , 1861 January 28 , 0.1 linear feet
A newspaper clipping noting the gift of $15,000 to Alabama Governor A.B. Moore in January 1861 for the defense of the state and a letter written to Joel E. Mathews of Cahaba, Dallas County, Alabama, thanking him for the gift. The letter was written and signed by P. Lockett, private secretary to the Governor.

Charles N. Moore papers, 1957-1994, 1 inch
Notes and course outline for the first electronic data processing course taught at University of Alabama (1957). Also includes historical notes by Dr. Moore, and journals of 4th and 5th Annual Electronic Data Processing Conferences (1959, 1960).

Edward C. Moore Madrid Notebooks of Da Vinci essay , 1967-1989 , 0.05 linear feet
Essay (probably never published) written in 1989 by Dr. Edward C. Moore titled "The Madrid Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci". The article explains what Moore, as Dean of the Graduate School of the University of Massachusetts, had witnessed and experienced when a colleague found two of the "lost notebooks" of Leonardo Da Vinci in the Spanish National Library.

Edward Moore papers, 1863-1866, 6 official papers (photocopies)
Photocopies of official papers relative to Edward R. Moore, Union Army officer, 1863-1866.

Ethel Moore Letters, 1943 -1945, 8 letters (30 pages), 2 cards, 6 newspaper clippin
Letters and cards written by Ethel Moore to Sergeant (later Staff Sergeant) John O. Jacobson of A Battery, 169th Battalion, C.A.C., from September 3, 1943 to April 23, 1945. In the letters she tells Jacobson about their friends and family and the various activities in which she is involved. The newspaper clippings are miscellaneous articles and cartoons.

Louis Moore paper, "The Boy Soldier" , 1895 , 0.1 linear feet
This collection consists of a handwritten memoir of Civil War service by Lou Moore, which was read to the George W. Lennard Post of the Grand Army of the Republic at New Castle, Indiana, on 13 April 1895. It describes Moore's service in the 16th Indiana Infantry Regiment, which was mustered into U.S. service on 12 August 1862. The regiment saw service in the Western theater, including the Battle of Richmond (29-30 August 1862), the Vicksburg campaign, the Battle of Arkansas Post (11 January 1863), and the Red River Campaign.

Lucy P. Moore diary, 1859-60, Typescript copy (20 pp) of diary
Typescript copy of a diary kept by Lucy P. Moore during late 1859 and early 1860. Annotation by an unidentified hand suggests that Moore lived near Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Thomas A. Moore Letter , 1919 April 22 , 1 letter, 1 envelope
This collection consists of a letter from Thomas A. Moore, United States Army, stationed in France during World War One, to his friend Martin L. Watson, West Virginia, April 22, 1919. He writes to his friend that he is not able to receive packages, he looks forward to coming home, and he enjoys having the men and women come from the States to entertain them.

Walter Moore collection, 1900-1926, 24 items, 34 pieces
This collection consists of land surveys and correspondence, including papers relating to coal and railroad companies and surveys and assessments of the commercial value of land. Includes a map/blueprint of land near Berry, Alabama.

Moores Bridge Baptist Church minutes, 1859-1888, 2 folders, 2 items, 102 pieces
Minutes of monthly meetings and lists of members, 1859-1888, of this Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Baptist Church.

Neva P. Moran research notes on Caroline Lee Hentz, 1934-1936, 26 items
Notes, reviews, and other material on ante bellum Alabama author Caroline Lee Hentz.

E. H. Moren and James W. Crawford account book, 1855-1870, 3 inches
A record of doctor's visits, prescriptions, treatments, and other activities of this Bibb County, Alabama medical practice, 1855-70. Indexed after page 460.

Merit Morgan notebook, 1824, 1 item
Arithmetic notebook, 1824.

Burton R. Morley Certificates , 1968 , 1 linear foot
Two certificates awarded to Burton R. Morley, a faculty member in the College of Commerce and Business Administration, in 1968.

Burton R. Morley Retirement Letterbook , 1968 , 0.1 linear feet
Book of letters, bound and presented to Morley on his retirement from the University of Alabama in 1968.

Burton R. Morley Certificates , 1968 , 1 linear feet
Two certificates awarded to Burton R. Morley, a faculty member in the College of Commerce and Business Administration, in 1968.

R. Morrow Letter , 1861 November 5 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from R. Morrow, written on 5 November 1861 to Joseph Pomery concerning a shipment of leather.

R. Morrow Letter , 1861 November 5 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from R. Morrow, written on 5 November 1861 to Joseph Pomery concerning a shipment of leather.

William S. Mortimer letter , 1862 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from William Mortimer to William Smith, Camp Wood, Munfordville, KY, 11 February 1862.

Mrs. Alvin Mosley Interview Transcript , 1942 , 0.1 linear feet
Transcript of an interview given by Mrs. Alvin Mosley of Ensley, Alabama, on Novemeber 30, 1942, on Birmingham radio station WBRC, regarding the government supervised Labor Board election at the TCI (Tennessee, Coal, Iron and Railroad Company) and the United Steelworkers of America union.

Letter from Mother and loan notice , 1943 March 2 , 0.05 linear feet
Contains one letter from Mother to her children in Richmond, Virginia, that mainly discusses financial matters and her recent ill health. Also included is a notice regarding late payment on a loan.

Letters from Mother to Marion Fincke , 1921 , 2 letters
Two letters sent to Marion Fincke at Miss Hall's School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, from her mother in Englewood, New Jersey. Letters discussed news from home and a visit by the Fincke parents.

Letter from Mother to Daughter , 1860s , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from a mother to her daughter, updating her on family and friends.

Letter from Mother to Daughter , 1860s , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from a mother to her daughter, updating her on family and friends.

Letter from Mother to Ingeborg Johnson , 1930 June , 1 letter
Letter written in Norwegian to Ingeborg Johnson in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, from her mother.

Letter from Mother to Ingeborg Johnson , 1930 June , (one letter)
Letter written in Norwegian to Ingeborg Johnson in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, from her mother.

Letter from Mother to Ingeborg Johnson , 1930 June , 0.05 linear feet
Letter written in Norwegian to Ingeborg Johnson in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, from her mother.

Letters from Mother to Marion Fincke , 1921 , 0.05 linear feet
Two letters sent to Marion Fincke at Miss Hall's School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, from her mother in Englewood, New Jersey. Letters discussed news from home and a visit by the Fincke parents.

Letter from Mother to William , after 1930 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Mother to William, presumably her son. The letter is not dated and no location is mentioned.

Letter from Mother to William , after 1930 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Mother to William, presumably her son. The letter is not dated and no location is mentioned.

Mother's Day Advertisement , circa 1934 , 0.05 linear feet
Advertisement for Mother's Day from the Fox Company (photographic film) of San Antonio, Texas.

Mother's Day Advertisement , circa 1934 , 0.05 linear feet
Advertisement for Mother's Day from the Fox Company (photographic film) of San Antonio, Texas.

Letter from Mother and loan notice , 1943 March 2 , one letter and one loan notice
Contains one letter from Mother to her children in Richmond, Virginia, that mainly discusses financial matters and her recent ill health. Also included is a notice regarding late payment on a loan.

Postcards from Mother to Carl and Gwen Ward , 1951 , 2 postcards
Two postcards from Mother, in Tacoma, Washington, to Carl and Gwen Ward in Pontiac, Illinois, describe the last portion of her return trip to Tacoma and plans for family members' travel.

Postcards from Mother to Carl and Gwen Ward , 1951 , 0.05 linear feet
Two postcards from Mother, in Tacoma, Washington, to Carl and Gwen Ward in Pontiac, Illinois, describe the last portion of her return trip to Tacoma and plans for family members' travel.

Robert R. Moton letter, 1918 July 26, 1 letter and envelope
Letter from Robert R. Moton, Principal of Tuskegee Institute to W. B. Matthews of Central Colored High School, 26 July 1918 in response to the latter's request for a recommendation for a teaching of blacksmithing.

Mountain Brook, Alabama, city records, 1959-1963, 1 inch
City council minutes, budgets, planning commission minutes, and correspondence

Mt. Gilead Primitive Baptist Church, Elmore County, 1850-1895, 1 item, 105 pieces
Records of this Baptist church in Elmore County, Alabama, including lists of members and monthly meeting minutes.

Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama records, 1931-1957, ledger
The meeting minutes (1931-1957), membership roll (1949), building fund, and other accounts (1936-1938) of this African-American church in North Birmingham.

Mu Phi Epsilon scrapbook, 1966-1972, 0.2 linear feet
Photographs, letters, and newspaper clippings on activities of this University of Alabama sorority.

Lois Muffit letter , 1898 July 18 , 0.05 linear feet
Contains one letter from Lois Muffit of Reading, Michigan, to her aunt, Ellen Andrew. Lois gave Ellen updates on her father and a multitude of other family members.

E. J. Mugford Letter , 1967 August 2 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from E. J. Mugford to Miss M. V. Gremshire of Canada about books he has sent.

James H. Mullen letter , 1862 November 23 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 2 pieces; photocopy)
A letter from Mullen to his family describng his troops' position in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Adam M. Mummey Letters , 1919 , 2 letters, 1 envelope
Two letters from Sgt. Adam M. (“Mac”) Mummey, stationed in St. Nazaire, France, during World Ward One, to his wife, Mrs. Gladys M. Mummey, Chillicothe, Ohio.

Richard J. Munford Summons, 1820 January 19, 1 summons, 2 pages
A summons to be served on Richard J. Munford, Jane W. Munford and Allethia Munford of Hart County, Kentucky in 1820.

Hope Murdock Letter , between 1850 and 1880 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter written by Hope Murdock of Utica, New York, to her nephew, James Smith, of Buffalo, New York.

Hope Murdock Letter , between 1850 and 1880 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter written by Hope Murdock of Utica, New York, to her nephew, James Smith, of Buffalo, New York.

James Thomas Murfee letters , 1863-1864 , 6 items, 7 pieces
Letters to L. C. Garland, President of the University of Alabama, and to Alabama Governor John Gill Shorter, dealing with requisitions, fortifying the University campus, and cadets during the Civil War.

John Murphy Letters, 1827-1828, 2 letters, 8 pages
Two letters, dated February 15, 1827, and September 4, 1828, written by Alabama Governor John Murphy to Secretary of State James J. Thornton regarding the filling of judicial vacancies.

Mable B. Murphy papers, 1953-1969, 9 items
This collections contains two letters to Murphy, agendas for guidance committee meetings and teacher in-service programs, a bibliography of guidance literature for African-American students, and a 1961 club schedule for Cobb Avenue High School.

Edward R. Murrow Letter , 1953 , 0.1 linear feet
Edward R. Murrow writes in thanks for a recent letter of interest from a radio program listener, Miss Marian Speiden.

Mutt and Jeff Letter , 1920 , 0.1 linear feet
Written from Opossum Station, this anonymous and comical letter expresses concern for Jeff's height, referring to the comic strip "Mutt and Jeff" which was in syndication from 1907 to 1982.

"My First Ride in an Airship", circa 1950, 1 story, 9 pages
The collection contains 1 unpublished story by an unknown author. The story is possibly a recollection of the author's first ride in an airship.

Bonnie Myers Letters , 1944, 1946 , 2 letters
Two letters to Bonnie Myers of Jeffersonville, Indiana, from her brother Clifford Myers and friend Robert King, both serving overseas in the U. S. Army during and after World War II. Both men talk of recent engagement and marriages among acquaintances in Jeffersonville.

Bonnie Myers letters , 1944, 1946 , 0.05 linear feet
Two letters to Bonnie Myers of Jeffersonville, Indiana, from her brother Clifford Myers and friend Robert King, both serving overseas in the U. S. Army during and after World War II. Both men talk of recent engagement and marriages among acquaintances in Jeffersonville.

Harriet Myers Letters , 1908 , 2 letters
Two letters from Harriet Myers of Lawrence, Kansas, discussing daily life, to her granddaughter Hattie Myers, also of Kansas.

Harriet Myers Letters , 1908 , 0.05 linear feet
Two letters from Harriet Myers of Lawrence, Kansas, discussing daily life, to her granddaughter Hattie Myers, also of Kansas.

Jaap Mynheer Letters , 1950 , 0.1 linear feet
Jaap Mynheer of Zwolle, Holland, writes to friend Jo-Anne Liebenberg of Bronxville, New York, about foreign perceptions of American universities, a coming depression, and meeting Donald B. Watt, the director of the “Experiment in International Living.”

Poem "Myrtle Love" , Before 1900 , 0.05 linear feet
A poem equating flowers with human virtues by an unknown author.

Mystic Krewe of the Druids (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) Bal Masque Collection , 2004-2005 , 0.1 linear feet
Programs, a newsletter, and themed Mardi Gras beads for the 2004 and 2005 Bal Masques held in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, benefiting West Alabama AIDS Outreach

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